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  1. I would say: "The only solution since V4.3" Yes.... sadly
  2. ...back and forth bickering wont solve the issue for sure... 🤔
  3. Sorry to undust. How to solve this one? I see no obvious response of the problem.... Thanks for support
  4. Dang.... we really need support on this... Is there any official statement yet that i couldnt see yet? 🤔
  5. Come on!!!!!..... cant be... CTD again for V4.4....... 🤬 This plane is getting rusty in my hangar.... grounded from 4.3 on.....! 😲
  6. +1 ... looking forward for solution, since now P3D is updated to 4.4... so.....
  7. P3D V4.4 released now. Is the issue fixed yet? Just wanted to know if someone tested it already... I saw someone still having the CTDs with P3D V4.4..... .That is very very sad..... That will keep the aircraft grounded, and no intention to get the Immersion effects neither.... Makes no sense if i cant swich views without risking a CTD.... Please share if someone with same problem and if planned fixing plz.... Txs...
  8. P3D V4.4 released now. Is the issue fixed yet? Just wanted to know if someone tested it already...thanks...
  9. Good to hear..... so we can enjoy the immersion features too.... Following 👍
  10. Interesting.... Open and close..... Well, i will try that this evening and give some feedback... Txs
  11. Hello again, Sorry to undust, but wanted to know if there are any news on the CTD solution yet. Ive seen something about a Beta, and another version being prepared(may be is true, may be not), but no official statement... Still got to fly avoiding camera changes... otherwise CTD.... Thanks
  12. Im getting CTDs yet.... Trying to perform a 2 hrs flight, but this CTDs are driving me crazy... I had my Vcard overclocked and i returned everything back to normal, so still geting CTDs.... Will try to fly without changing views.... Gee
  13. You wont believe it! New monitor Samsung CHG 90...all right..... Its got an application called "Easy settings Box" to divide the screen in different windows(like multiple monitors - yes its a beast!). When using GSX customization, an agreement window remained behind the sim view, so it kept waiting for me to accept it.... This application makes some popups windows to stay behind the game somehow.... i got to learn more about it. So its not a 717 problem.... its something about that..... Thanks for support and Happy flying! 😎