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  1. Where is the "Both" button/knob? And. . . How do I set a VOR? I don't wan't to fly over it. I want to fly a DME ARC. Thanks.
  2. N99WB

    Recieve on both COMs

    I'm good. I found the COM2 receive button and where to load a VOR/DME.
  3. N99WB

    Recieve on both COMs

    Could you swing that clue stick a little harder? Cause I'm not gettin' it.
  4. For example. You know those videos where a kid, in an emergency, lands a jetliner? I've learned, If I'm on board, they better find that kid. I've learned I can spend hours and hours, with a stupid grin on me mug, just going through checklists. Who needs to fly? It's scary up there. I've learned that, apparently, I need my documentation written in crayon - on ammonia resistant paper. Most of all, I've learned to really, really love this plane. N99WB
  5. VC ===>Outside View===>VC Crash! It's unpredictable. I've read others have had the issue, but they were old and seemed to have been fixed with a P3D patch. P3D Win 10 latest 1079 - updated. TFDi Latest URP and PTA. FSUIPC 5.112 and FSXWX 1.0 (Happens whether or not I use FSXWX). A2A C182 and Comanche. That's the whole shootin' match. i5 6400, 1050ti, latest nvidea driver. Thanks! N99WB
  6. N99WB

    OK, I surrender. . .

    That "select the appropriate approach" part seems to be one of my problems. That and what buttons set the AP to what state I'll keep trying. . . Thanks, N99WB
  7. The MFC is beyond me. Maybe, just maybe I can fly KOKC ---> KAUS using VOR's and ILS RWY 17L. Can I get some tips on how to: Tune the NAV's. Set the courses Engage Autopilot to follow the radio/nav Thanks, N99WB
  8. N99WB

    OK, I surrender. . .

    Thanks, I'll give it a go.