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  1. Mine takes about 30 seconds, this one I send you is from one of our pilots
  2. Good afternoon, when I start SmartAcars it sometimes takes up to 6 minutes, it is up to date my internet speed is 600MBS and the pc is completely clean and up to date. Solution? Thanks
  3. Version 1.0.0


    B717-200 EC-FBJ Creado para la aerolínea virtual Air Asturias www.airasturiasvirtual.com Siéntete libre de volar sin obligaciones y sé libre https://www.facebook.com/groups/263477578668509/about
  4. Good afternoon, I have a question, I made all the changes to be able to change the reporting system to my new Va, everything is fine except for one detail when I start the installation, it follows the name of the old Va. Air Asturias Va should leave Thank you
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Safety instructions A333-302 Iberia Spanish and English language. Enjoy
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Safety instructions B717,Italian language Happy flights, enjoy
  7. On 12/23/2016 I was surely one of the first people to purchase the B717 with its startup errors, the staff posted a message on the forums: I will not rest until our customers fully enjoy their product, and so it has been, hopefully Many companies lived up to this customer service, I congratulate the TFDi group for this decision that many of us already anticipated, PMDG does not update it and it is the great one of B712. Congratulations I will be refreshing the web until its sale will be a guaranteed success.
  8. asturias


    I just activated it, and I generate an update
  9. asturias


    And suddenly I find myself in this situation, I got to change my password, but only the web service works for me. Thanks in advance and health for all
  10. Hello friend, I'm not canceling the flight, parking and engine shutdown, I ended up flying to wait for a report as I always do. Thank you
  11. Hi guys, I make a flight with PACX when I give it to finish the flight, it does not let me see any statistics, it automatically goes into start flight mode
  12. asturias


    Good evening, first I apologize for my English, it is not good, before suggesting anything in this forum I want to thank the TFDi team for their professionalism, and respect to their clients, I have a business and when we have business we have to have a very clear, we live from our customers and garcias to satisfied customers arrive more new customers. When there is a problem always worry about fixing it, thanks TFDi team. Currently I have three products, Smart, B712 and the new PACX, the last one I like but I want to suggest some changes, if possible and if it can be added. 1-to be able to give your message via voice (whichever is considered appropriate, not by the system) 2-Feel like the azafats serve lunch, listen to requests, duttyfree ect.ect to be able to hear people's noises, walk to the bathroom, talk, laughs to be able to connect the shipment with GSX2. Thank you
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