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  1. Dan Mckee

    ICAO not recognised

    Is there a way of adding ICAO's or airports to Smartcars please? Happy New Year to all. Cheers
  2. Dan Mckee

    Landing Rates

    Thank you so much for the speedy response, much appreciated. So I take it that it is not a "score" as such just an indication of how forcefully one is "slamming" the undercarriage into the ground. I found the "minus" sign before the figures a tad confusing. Maybe a short paragraph on the subject in the next release manual. Thankyou again. Cheers Dan
  3. Dan Mckee

    Landing Rates

    I searched manual but could not find definition. What is this "-fpm" please? Is it some sort of score, If so, what "score" is considered a perfect landing, what "score" is considered a safe landing. If it is not a "score" then the query remains...what is it please? Thanking you all in advance and season's greetings. Dan