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  1. Actually if the captain is a good pilot you feel the same with seatbelt or without seatbelt for the whole flight.....
  2. tonaz

    Demo very needed

    The price isn't cheap, and i wouldnĂŹt buy it without trying. For me it's all about the "logics" checks, website presentation is poor and doesn't explain much about the app itself. Maybe could be possible (and easy) to release a demo that works only on one specific route. That would be appreciated, and trust me, very good for your business-sales. Thanks.
  3. Nice. Are you also thinking about a demo version? For example the demo may work only for a specific flight dep-arr. Or maybe can i be part of the beta testing team? (im the p3d developer which made the default crj with trueglass
  4. Yes! I just noticed today. Unfortunately in my modest opinion, it is too much expensive for what it does. (Basically some cabin announcements, and a check for touchdown vertical speed. Correct me if i am wrong) If one day it will be devolped further, like more checks about what the pilot is doing, a pilot management and a airline company management, detailed flights records, ... maybe it will be worth. Anyways, keep the good work up. Oh, and a demo to try it would be really appreciated
  5. Many months passed without any news. I'm afraid we have to quit hopes for this as well, like FSpassengers.
  6. I read it and tried but looks like this is too much for my poor skills. Thanks anyways 😱
  7. @turbofandude Hello Collin!! I would like to ask you some help with TrueGlass shader file. I'm tring to add the TrueGlass on a old project of mine (personal, not commercial, and not ditribuited as freeware or payware, naturally as i signed the contract), but unfortunately i don't have no more the source 3D, so i cannot change the UV mapping of the windshield. UV mapping in 3D model is 90 degrees rotated :-( so the drops and streaks fall horizontally from left to right. I've found out that in the TrueGlass.hlsl i can change the BL, TL, BR, TR variables to completely invert the fall direction, for example: Adding a minus before the variables: v.p = float4(-bl, 0, 1) ... v.p = float4(-tl, 0, 1) ... v.p = float4(-br, 0, 1) ... v.p = float4(-tr, 0, 1) i can invert the direction. How can i just rotate 90 degrees the direction? Thanks a lot!!!
  8. Finally i finished my work, and i would like to share it with the community. It is a complete high definition rework of the default CRJ-700, ported to (and only compatible with) Prepar3D v3 and v4. Some feature: 4K external and virtual cockpit high definition textures TrueGlass© rain drops effects from TFDi Design© Milviz© WX Advantage Radar© implementation (not included, you must own the product) Added new cockpit sound effects Impressive lighting effects and smooth day/night transitions New and fixed flight instruments and VC integrated FMC Hundreds of visual and programming fixes and improvements... Some images and the showcase video: Video: Download at: http://www.webalice.it/ozoners Hope you like my work.
  9. I've found a workaround, which actually i don't think is a workaround, but a brilliant solution: I added another set of 3D mesh for windshields. Then i coded a visibility condition, one for night time, one for day time. Then i applied day condition to the 3D mesh with normal transparency. And the night condition to the other mesh with 0.2 transparency. They both use the same TrueGlass dll with the only one RainAtlas.png, but on different meshes with different transparency, that shows up only in specific time of day. Works. YAY! \m/
  10. Thanks Colin. This is what i mean bytheway, in night time it is so bright. (attachment) I tried to make a copy of the DLL and have two DLL's one for day and one for night, but naturally, as expected, both DLL look in the same "Trueglass" textures folder. Brandon, do you have any tips for me?
  11. Hi Collin, i mean that it could be very useful if you can choose what RainAtlas.png to use for each surface. For example in the xml conifg file something like this: <Surface Name="TG_0" ... <Precipitation Raintexture="RainAtlas_DAY.png" ... ... <Surface Name="TG_1" ... <Precipitation Raintexture="RainAtlas_NIGHT.png" ... ... So one can choose which custom set of RainAtlas png to use. This is because if in the MDL for the 3d plane containing the RTT you choose DestAlpha-SrcAlpha blending, the resulting effect is much more better. But: if you don't specifiy also a Nightmap texture the rain is too darkin night time, completely invisible, while if you specify the Nightmap texture the rain is there but it is too much bright at night. So if i can choose a different png, with more transparent drops, that would be perfectly rendered in night time as well. In the MDL for the 3d plane containing the trueglass i would have: Diffuse texture: $TRUEGLASS_DAY Nightmap texture: $TRUEGLASS_NIGHT those two will blend from day to night, night to day. In the panel.cfg i would have: [VcockpitXX] ... texture=$TRUEGLASS_DAY texture00=TG_0, 0,0,2048,2048 [VcockpitXX] ... texture=$TRUEGLASS_NIGHT texture00=TG_1, 0,0,2048,2048 ...where in TG_0 it uses a normal rainatlas png, and in TG_1 it uses a dimmed more transparent rainatlas png. I hope i was clear, it is not easy to explain
  12. Thanks!!! What about my questions, about the mask and about the possibility to choose more than a Rain Atlas texture for nighttime? Thanks a lot for your support
  13. Hello! As promised here it is a video in which i show the TrueGlass implementation on the (old) CRJ700 aircraft. Thanks Collin @turbofandude and @gamesyns Joshua for the free SDK. I got some questions and suggestions in the video. I hope you like my work. 1080p 30fps on YouTube
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