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    P3Dv4.3 released.

    Here : does the B717 open beta work with this version? Thank you and Regards,
  2. Richard Portier

    Post your best 717 Screenshots here

    I can't stop to fly this beauty...Great addon aircraft ! Thanks ! Regards,
  3. Richard Portier

    no TrueGlass

    Hi, TrueGlass effect works well for me but it's not showing up in the Addons menu... P3Dv4.1 Regards,
  4. Hi, First, a big thank you for this little Great aircraft !!! Since I bought it, I can not stop to fly with her... Just a question, after loading the aircraft C&D. I can hear the oxygen test then the yoke moves 2/3 times back and forth as if an FO was testing. So, is there a hidden FO somewhere? Thanks again and Regards,
  5. Richard Portier

    717 Operations Manual

    Got it...Thank you for the upload ! Regards,
  6. Richard Portier

    OK, I surrender. . .

    Click on NAV/RAD on the MCDU. There you can enter VOR frequency and Course...Ex : 113.30/120 or ILS 108.90/177 or NDB frequency. Instead enter a frequency, you can enter directly a VOR name like Ex : SWR...and so... You have also a good MCDU tutorial there : Hope this help. Regards,
  7. Richard Portier

    Is there a hidden FO somewhere? ;-)

    Thank you for answering Regards,
  8. Richard Portier

    Flight plan deleting.

    Happens to me sometimes, not always... Regards,