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    Flight Deck Lighting

    If this is your issue, to rotate the center switch, you must move slightly to the right or left of it and place the mouse cursor on the side of the center switch. Regards, Richard
  2. Hi, Just like in the title...Enjoy Regards, Richard
  3. Richard Portier

    Thank you TFDI Team

    Big THANK YOU and Congratulations for this GREAT aircraft...A little gem! Regards,
  4. Richard Portier

    Livery Install

    You put your textures folders in TFDi_Design_717 folder (the good one) or in the TFDi_Design_717\Texture (the bad...)? Regards,
  5. Richard Portier

    P3Dv4.3 released.

    Here : does the B717 open beta work with this version? Thank you and Regards,
  6. Richard Portier

    Post your best 717 Screenshots here

    I can't stop to fly this beauty...Great addon aircraft ! Thanks ! Regards,
  7. Richard Portier

    no TrueGlass

    Hi, TrueGlass effect works well for me but it's not showing up in the Addons menu... P3Dv4.1 Regards,
  8. Hi, First, a big thank you for this little Great aircraft !!! Since I bought it, I can not stop to fly with her... Just a question, after loading the aircraft C&D. I can hear the oxygen test then the yoke moves 2/3 times back and forth as if an FO was testing. So, is there a hidden FO somewhere? Thanks again and Regards,
  9. Richard Portier

    717 Operations Manual

    Got it...Thank you for the upload ! Regards,
  10. Richard Portier

    OK, I surrender. . .

    Click on NAV/RAD on the MCDU. There you can enter VOR frequency and Course...Ex : 113.30/120 or ILS 108.90/177 or NDB frequency. Instead enter a frequency, you can enter directly a VOR name like Ex : SWR...and so... You have also a good MCDU tutorial there : Hope this help. Regards,
  11. Richard Portier

    Is there a hidden FO somewhere? ;-)

    Thank you for answering Regards,
  12. Richard Portier

    Flight plan deleting.

    Happens to me sometimes, not always... Regards,