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  1. LOL. I can see the PMDG fanboys were out in full force on this one.
  2. flightwatch

    Autoland off centre

    Yeah, that was pretty terrible lol. Definitely should have been another go around.
  3. flightwatch

    Update today??

    No update. It's still .19 here
  4. flightwatch


    @PilotRockey Here is the what I can tell you from my time spent on the 717 flight deck with Citrus. 1: The biggest thing is that engine bleeds are dynamic based on N1. As the engine spools up, the packs get louder. Vice versa when they are idled down. 2: Engine sound is barely noticeable from the flight deck as the engines are so far back. You can hear them, but they are quiet compared to the avionics cooling fans and a/c. And as airspeed increases, you can no longer hear the engines. As a matter of fact, the only thing you can really hear at cruise is the wind stream and a/c. 3: You are correct about the ground roll from the main gear. Nose gear rumble is quite present though since you're basically sitting right on top of the nose gear strut/bay. When the gear is raised, the only real noise is the "thunk" of the doors closing. When you lower the gear, it's kind of a thunk-woosh-rumble sound...lol. Let me know if I can help you any. It's been quite awhile, but I still remember her for the most part.
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    Hi all, 1st post here. I am happy to see that I am not the only one experiencing performance issues. I can say that I am seeing a 10fps decrease in overall performance in comparable situations with the FSL A320...which would seem to be much more resource intensive compared to the 717. As far as the dynamic lighting issue; this has been shown to be an issue on LM's end. They are well aware of the problems with DL, and hopefully, it will be fixed with 4.2.