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  1. I solved the FUEL SYS TEST. I clicked the button instead of holding it for 2 seconds. TCAS Test Fail is still happening with the IRS's not aligned.
  2. So I'm starting to get back into the 717 and fly it to the best of my abilities, but I've noticed two system test 'failures': TCAS System Test, according to the quick start guide (in order), I switch the knob to TEST and it should do a bunch of things. In my 717, nothing happens, and the message TCAS FAIL rains on the ND. This is before the IRS's are aligned (as that step comes after the TCAS test in the guide.) FUEL SYS Test, per the quick start guide I press the FUEL SYS TEST button and look for 9,000lbs total fuel on the FUEL SD. When I do this, it just displays 10.890lbs (the release fuel for that trip) with an 'X' in the Gross Weight area. Of course I've been able to shrug these off since it's a fictional plane and the rest of the flight is unaffected. Is the 'Prepping the Aircraft' chapter (where all of these tests are) supposed to be done after the a/c is initialized with the IRS's? Thank you!
  3. Hello! After the recent update, whenever I turn on the tablet, certain icons/texts/components of the tablet 'software' are not there. Some of the basic page layouts are there, but some text field or selection boxes are not. Any ideas? Pictures included are just examples, I dont know where the 'X' is so I cant navigate to other pages. This is P3D V4.3 and 717 V1.1.0.0 Thanks! Dmitri
  4. If there is a topic regarding this already my apologies, I tried to look around and I haven't found anything regarding the lights specifically. But pretty much, I get very high frames in the 717 at almost any airport, but as soon as I turn on the ground flood lights, FPS drop by 10, when I turn on the taxi and landing lights, FPS drops down to maybe 10 or 15FPS. When I turn them all off it goes back up to 35 or 40. I have a GTX 1070 (not Ti) and a i7 47900K. I was recommended that in the graphics settings under AA, to change it from 8xSSAA to 8xMSAA (idk what those mean). I tried that and it fixed the issue, but it made everything look horrible, small lines on the PFD and crisp textures. Now I keep it on 8xSSA and only fly in the day and don't mess with the lights. All other planes, all external lights have no impact on performance so I think it is the 717, any ideas? Maybe it' a thing in NVidia inspector. Thanks!
  5. Got yaaa. It all makes sense now. THank you!!
  6. Hello! Loving the 717 so far, wishing more IRL operators had it! Anyways I've been noticing that after the initial climb (crossing 10,000ft), the plane wants to lower the nose and climb at 310 knots, giving me a few thousand FPM climb and a longggg climb at that! Is this correct in the plane, or did I program something wrong? It's cool if that how it is supposed to be, but I'd rather climb a bit slower and get to my cruise alt sooner rather than thalf way through the flight. Thank you!! Dmitri.