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  1. ULLI Pulkovo UWWW Samara UUWW Vnukovo UUEE Sheremetyevo UUDD Domodedovo UMMS Minsk
  2. Except that I have half the frames in P3D compared to FSX version of the 717 But that is for another topic. Thanks for your initiative Henry! Can't assist you with the sharing screen/teamspeak debugging (I don't speak English good enough), but if you want any other help - just ask. Would also like a Discord invite please, to be in touch and stay informed.
    What "colors", are you guys crazy?
  3. This is not what he meant. Not even close.
  4. We already have decent B727 and MD-8X for both platforms. 767 and MD-1X are things of the past. And while a good A350 would be nice, I think that Embraer could be even better. It's a small regional jet with a glass cockpit - very similar to 717, so TFDi will be on familiar ground. The only other Embraer worth mentioning is from Wilco, and it's too basic and very outdated. So my vote is for Embraer. (On a second though, Bombardier would be nice, too, since it's not represented in P3D very well).