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  1. dimkzr

    717 United Nations

    What "colors", are you guys crazy?
  2. dimkzr

    P3D v4.3 .....717 V1.1 Crash To Desktop

    Opening not just any window, but an external camera. Because I've got CTD right after creating a second cockpit view.
  3. dimkzr

    Where in the paintkit is the rear bottom antenna?!

    Four days, and you weren't able to find it yourself? 717_int_4
  4. dimkzr

    Improving the frame rate?

    This is not what he meant. Not even close.
  5. dimkzr

    Aircraft state not saving

    Ah, sorry. I have no idea how to load a saved persistence state either.
  6. dimkzr

    Aircraft state not saving

    States aren't in the FMC - they're in Tablet.
  7. Not much to add to the title. When I change the "auto-lock" timer in tablet, it resets back to 1 minute on a next load. I think it behaves like this since the introduction of this feature back in the OPB days. During this time I reinstalled the plane and P3D multiple times from scratch, it hasn't helped. I'm using the default "Cold & Dark" state with persistence mode disabled.
  8. dimkzr

    Low FPS in the cockpit

    @turbofandude Further observations. Erased all TFDi effect files from P3D/Effects/, deleted 717' "sound" folder; Replaced all exterior, interior, RealLight and TrueGlass textures with a random 256x256 image; Kept RealLight and TrueGlass enabled (their performance impact on my system is negligible). As it turned out, most of my performance woes are caused by TFDi effect files. Without them, the 717 became a lot smoother. Not as smooth as my other planes, but definitely smooth enough to enjoy it. Restored everything back and played a bit. Fresh P3D v4.3 with zero addons/tweaks, stock ENBR airport, summer day with the "Fair weather" theme. Here're the results: TFDi effects in place, P3D dynamic lights enabled Interior view: choppy and low fps in C&D state, absolutely terrible in Ready to Fly state Exterior view: smooth 80 fps in C&D, smooth 40 fps in RtF Effects in place, DL disabled Interior: same as above - from choppy to terrible Exterior: smooth 60-70 fps in all states Effects deleted, DL enabled OR disabled Interior: satisfactory and smooth-ish performance in C&D, only minor fps decrease in RtF Exterior: smooth 80 fps in all states I will try to isolate the particular effect file(s) responsible for this behavior. Back in the cockpit, I noticed another weirdness. I'm having the biggest fps hit when looking at any of the windows (front, side, or eyebrow). Numbers differs depending on settings, but the pattern is the same: My P3D settings:
  9. dimkzr

    Low FPS in the cockpit

    My AA is "cheap" - 4xMSAA with FXAA disabled. But I think you misunderstood my message. Performance loss from dynamic lights is expected on any hardware in any circumstances. I can get 30+ smooth fps at night with the PMDG 737 + DL + complex scenery + heavy weather. But with the 717 I can only get less than a 30 choppy fps in any case (even at day, in stock airport, with clear skies and no other addons/mods). Fps counter may show 20-30, but it feels like 10-15. Another observation. In external view, when the plane is in the "cold&dark" state, I'm having ~80 smooth fps. But when I select "ready to fly" state, it immediately drops to ~40 fps.
  10. dimkzr

    Low FPS in the cockpit

    Since my initial purchase of v1.0.9.19 half a year ago, I'm experiencing a relatively poor performance with the 717 (compared to many other planes I own). This continues with the v1.1.0. Recently I upgraded from P3D v4.1 to the latest v4.3. It was a complete reinstall - I removed every trace of 4.1. Also updated my GPU driver to the latest available version. This time I tested 717 without any other addons or tweaks - 100% pure and clean simulator. Well, turns out there is no difference between the clean v4.3 and my heavily modded v4.1. I have 20-30 fps in the cockpit at daytime, but it feels more like 10 fps. My GPU usage is constantly at 100%. External views are fine (~80 fps in cold&dark, ~40fps in "ready to fly" state). The 717 v1.1.0 also performs good in FSX:SE. I can gain back an expectable amount of fps by disabling TrueGlass/RealLights (+2-4) and P3D's dynamic lights (+10-15), and also by switching to low-res displays and 1K cockpit textures. Switching between hardware and software rendering for displays has no visible effect. All in all it doesn't change the sad fact that the plane is genuinely slow on my system, and I don't enjoy flying it in this state. I understand that at this point it's impossible for TFDi to optimize the 717 any further, and that there might be something wrong with my system, so it doesn't play nicely with this particular aircraft. So I'll just leave this ticket here until the next major update (whenever this happens) or until I upgrade my rig.
  11. dimkzr

    Low FPS in the cockpit, P3Dv4.1

    @gamesyns Well, I'm still on 4.1 (won't be able to upgrade to 4.3 at least till August). Installed v1.0.9.99 today, and my performance is even worse with it 😅 Now, with RealLight physically removed, I'm getting less FPS than with the active RealLight in the older versions (testing scenario is exactly the same, of course). Not only this, but my GPU usage in external view has jumped from ~65% to ~90% when looking at the aircraft. In the cockpit GPU usage is still at 100%.
  12. dimkzr

    Low FPS in the cockpit, P3Dv4.1

    Not yet, but I'm planning to install 4.3 over this weekend. I will let you know if there's any improvement.
  13. dimkzr

    Low FPS in the cockpit, P3Dv4.1

    Yes, with my GPU usage is still at 99-100% These symptoms looks very similar to those when using the dynamic lights in other planes. Is there any chance that 717 has some DL effect that is always on - even during the day and when aircraft is unpowered?
  14. I think he mean entering fuel/pax directly into the tablet, rather than in the Addon Manager. Good idea, although I understand why it probably won't be implemented.