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  1. I think he mean entering fuel/pax directly into the tablet, rather than in the Addon Manager. Good idea, although I understand why it probably won't be implemented.
  2. dimkzr

    Low FPS in the cockpit, P3Dv4.1

    Another observation. In external views my CPU/GPU usage is at around 40% and 80% respectively. Performance is good and super-smooth. But when I move back into the cockpit, GPU usage is always at 99-100%, while CPU usage peaks at 65%. Framerate is unstable and not smooth at all. I've played with P3D shadows and anti-aliasing settings, tried to disable FO displays - nope, GPU still choking at 99-100% Tested with Display resolution standard, 1K cockpit textures, GPU rendering for the displays is disabled.
  3. dimkzr

    Low FPS in the cockpit, P3Dv4.1

    Sadly, I can understand English only in written form. Talking with me will be painful 🙂
  4. dimkzr

    Still low FPS after the new update

    Updated my old ticket:
  5. dimkzr

    Still low FPS after the new update

    Sorry to say, but I also don't see any improvements on my system. My performance is not terrible (I'm getting ~25fps), but the plane simply doesn't feel smooth at all. So hasn't changed anything for me.
  6. dimkzr

    Where is panel lights/flood lights?

    Inner (black) and outer (gray) knobs are both turnable.
  7. dimkzr

    AIR: packs and engines start up logic

    As per 717 AOM, both packs should be off for normal or crossbleed engine startup. Packs' "Auto" mode is not related to the startup procedure. From what I understand, it means automatic operation and shutdown only in case of failures.
  8. dimkzr

    VOR tuning problem on arrival

    Great, will test it as soon as Addon Manager decides to offer me .23 update
  9. We already have decent B727 and MD-8X for both platforms. 767 and MD-1X are things of the past. And while a good A350 would be nice, I think that Embraer could be even better. It's a small regional jet with a glass cockpit - very similar to 717, so TFDi will be on familiar ground. The only other Embraer worth mentioning is from Wilco, and it's too basic and very outdated. So my vote is for Embraer. (On a second though, Bombardier would be nice, too, since it's not represented in P3D very well).
  10. dimkzr

    Flickering Cockpit

  11. dimkzr

    Airport filter

    You can show a notification when Addon Manager discovers a new "unmodified" database - provided that user has that "hide small airfields" checkbox ticked. Or just automatically rebuild it without asking (how long could it take anyway, a minute or two once per month?).
  12. dimkzr

    Latest beta performance

    Instantly gained 8-10 fps by disabling TrueGlass. And by "disabling" I mean deleting \gauges\TrueGlass.dll, because simply turning it off from "add-ons" menu had no effect at all. Now 717 is almost as smooth as PMDG737. It still very fps-heavy, but now it at least feels smoother.
  13. dimkzr

    Airport filter

    It can be a one-time procedure. Like starting Addon Manager and pressing "Hide small airfields" button to scan and modify the database files.
  14. dimkzr

    Airport filter

    I think he was asking for a hard proof that it is indeed a FMS feature (which is not - it's a database feature, and databases differs from airline to airline). To be honest, I don't think this request is important. You begin to search for a nearest airfield only in case of an emergency, and TFDi 717 doesn't simulate failures. Maybe someday they could add some kind of checkbox to TFDi Addon Manager, to simply exclude all small airfields from displaying in sim.