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  1. I know this is a little late but they work fine under 4.4. I use Spad.Next and absolutely recommend getting this up and running. I know its payware but I think it is an absolute MUST HAVE, although there is a bit of learning to do.
  2. Hazzanz


    I know I'm very late here too, but - Yep, +1 for MD-11. As said earlier, a lot of people are hanging out for more than another 737/747/777/A320. My wish-list would look like this: MD-11/DC-10 Fokker 70/100 A380 727 Re: the Fokker 70/100 I would also love to get those as well but I am now well and truly stuck in the Study Level (read TFDi, PMDG, Majestic, maybe Eaglesoft too) level of aircraft. If MilViz do produce these I probably still will not purchase. Having purchased their early beta King Air 350i (and STILL not having a usable version over 3 YEARS later and several other aircraft released since) they have still not released a study level aircraft to my knowledge. AND I would be willingly to pay PMDG level prices for good add-ons! Cheers Harry