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  1. This is starting to become a little absurd. This aircraft is a very unique addon and I enjoy flying it. But every time I change views in the 717, my simulator crashes. I put this bird back in the hanger about 3 months ago. When I heard of this new update I got very excited and have decided to try the airplane out again. Low and behold, my first flight back in the 717. I take off out of Salt Lake City, take a look outside at my default scenery... and my simulator crashes. I am honestly starting to lose hope for this addon.
  2. Aviation_Owen

    P3Dv4 CTD when switching views

    I as well am having this issue. Other aircraft on V4.1 I have Zero Problems when it comes to a Crash To Desktop. I just purchased this aircraft yesterday and It has CTD'd over 5 times now. This frequently happens when I switch views. As well as the frames drop a LOT when changing views. I don't use any camera add on, just default.