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  1. Just wondering what you're future plans are for the EFB? Any chance of a Navigraph chart integration like the 747-8? A simulated Jepp FD Pro would be a cool feature.
  2. Interesting. Never seen anything like that before. I thought it was illegal to have any stickers on the flight deck other than placards. I stand corrected.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. So the addon manager is always going to keep the CG within limits correct? On a side note, and this is just my personal opinion, why the smiley face on the overhead by the flight deck door lock? Why not just leave a blank panel there - like on the flight deck training posters from Avsoft ( It looks like a "scar" on an otherwise flawless flight deck.
  4. Hey guys. What is the logic with passenger weight in the addon manager? I notice some strange behavior with the ZFW every time you add or remove just one passenger. Sometimes adding one pax makes the ZFW go down and sometimes removing one pax makes the ZFW go up. There's also no consistent amount of weight being added or removed with each addition or subtraction of a passenger. Most airlines use a standard winter and summer weight per adult and child. For instance, my airline uses 189lbs per adult for winter and 184lbs per adult for summer. For a child we use 76lbs and 81lbs. Would it also be possible to get an index graph in the addon manager so we know if the plane is loaded correctly with regard to weight and CG? Thanks guys.
  5. Collin - This was your first release so there is undoubtedly going to be growing pains. From the looks of it, you're also a very small company with only a handful of guys working behind the scenes. I really must applaud you and your team for just how responsive you've been to correcting and improving this airplane. If you continue to develop and support this project and any future endeavors TFDi takes on with the same degree of diligence and integrity as you have thus far, you'll be a major player in this community. I sincerely hope you guys continue to innovate and develop unlike LeonardoSH who made an awesome product and disappeared without ever reaching their full potential.
  6. It finds the common fix that joins the two airways. It's like a shorthand way to enter your flight plan faster. For instance, if I enter J6 on one line and J1 on the next line, it'll automatically figure out that the Avenal (AVE) VOR is the connecting point and it'll enter that point into the [TO] field opposite J6 automatically. I know it does it on the MD-11 as you can see in the PMDG documentation and I'm pretty sure it does it on most of the other Boeing aircraft as well.
  7. When you build a flight plan in the CDU on the MD-11 you can just enter the airways and the CDU will automatically connect them as long as they share a common fix. In the 717 you have to enter that common fix before you can enter the next airway. Is this how the real aircraft works or is it a bug/missing feature?
  8. It was released months ago. The beta is optional.
  9. I'm having one CTD after another with the update.
  10. I saw that already. His is incomplete as he stated in the post because he's missing data.
  11. Can we expect you guys to include performance profiles for PFPX and/or TOPCAT for the 717? PMDG released PFPX profiles for the DC-6 and FSL did for their A320, so it'd be great to have something for the 717. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  12. I just loaded up the 717 for the first time since the week it was released, and now when I turn on the battery master switch my sky textures flicker really bad and then I eventually CTD. If I turn the battery master off the flickering stops. Any ideas? Thanks. Solved: Turning off hardware rendering seemed to fix the problem. Not sure why though - using a GTX 980.
  13. I really like the addon manager and ease of updating to new versions. I still don't understand why the PMDG Ops Center doesn't roll out updates like yours does. I thought that was the whole point of the OC. Anyway, I'd really like to see some better documentation and perhaps PFPX and TOPCAT profiles. PMDG and FSL were nice enough to roll out PFPX profiles for the DC-6 and A320X. It'd be nice to have the same for the TFDi 717.