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  1. im having issues with the tablet looking bugged out cant hardly see anything in it.
  2. EFB isnt fully showing all the information on the page cannot select the gpu or even open doors
  3. Seems TFDI dont like to respond to tickets or posts. Nice Customer service
  4. Can i get my activation reset for
  5. So i guess there is no fix for me then
  6. Guess tickets arent being answered so the 717 is stuck in the hangar for me for a while. Not good customer service here i guess
  7. ronprice46


    What is causing the Activation Error telling me to contact the developement team. Reinstalling the 717 due to getting a new hard drive and now i cannot install the 717
  8. I have that issue now and got a ticket in What is causing this error
  9. Cant seem to get the kneeboard thing on the captains side to show everything and the fmc doesnt show the letter E correctly looks like a letter F and cant see like the doors on the kneeboard or for GPU here is a
  10. Mine didnt followed the LOC and GS the whole way down just had to deal with autothrottle not disconecting upon touchdown