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  1. Hi, I created this post 2 times this year (early 2020) . Colin was talking to me directly thru email . I haven’t flown this aircraft since September 2020. I updated it today and flew it STILL suffering from the steering problem ONLY after I land . Using P3D v4.5 HF3. Plane is jerking hard left like a locked Jack screw and my yoke is full right and it’s barely goin right . I have to stop thrust, than start thrust and fight it to Barely move 50-100’ than have to apply brakes come to full stop and start over again in order to make it to gate. This problem doesn’t happen when I taxi for depar
  2. no. I don't want to uninstall p3d, its gonna take forever to install my addons back. my addons are on separate drive but full uninstall is gonnna take forever to put back all my ORBX stuff, payware aircraft , payware scenery, REX, Activesky, AI lights reborn, FSDT GSX, etc etc etc etc. what if I just do the Client reinstall ? ALso, wondering if it was a wifi problem causing this problem. Coincidentally , woke up this morning & wifi was shutdown. looked outside and cable man was on power pole doing maintenance from 730am till now. wifi just went available 10min ag
  3. wow I been at it all day long. just suffered my 20th in a row PC crash power down. I cannot believe this . it was working flawlessly before this update yesterday. please let me have the 1.5 version back please.
  4. I haven't done the ticket yet. I will now. Just tested another flight , suffered Hard PC crash startup cruise flight PHOG to PHLI. these are the final possible hiccups I potentially thought it was the problem but unfortunately it wasn't: -Orbx scenery library somehow rearrange itself....I put them back in the correct listing based off ORBX forum -2 of my Cessna C208 textures were missing...used Owls nest , checked entire AI aircraft using Owl nest and ALL IS 100% good now -Disable Windows 10 Hello for business -Turned off EzDok Fade in Fade Out ** plus all the P3
  5. Ive owned the 717 for 3 years. haven't had a problem. Just updated the 717 today in the Addon manager for P3d v4.5 HF3 My 717 is Crashes and the PC is shutting off. it was not doing this yesterday before the update and it wasn't doing this with other aircraft. Now I cannot fly the 717. This has all of a sudden come upon me after updating the 717 today. Ive gone thru all the P3d debugging steps and still no fix. It Crashes at random times, taxi, departure, climb, cruise, descent....I have just produced it 9 times since 1pm today. I cannot believe this. I see nothing in my
  6. YEEEEEEESSSSS OMG! Literally a day after I posted ! Yeeewwwww!!!!!
  7. OMG GUYS! I just saw this on fselite now ! Yet 100% confirmed , OMG 🙏 please be the MD-11.... I can’t believe this ! I’m in awe . So many years of waiting for either PMDG MD-11 to get VC updated OR a new version for p3d v4. I miss the MD-11. I’m just in absolute Awe now . Bring on J-Bird, KLM, Swiss, FedEx , UPS....please ! I love TFDI 717, the FPS and quality is legit . Based on this photo , it can’t be an MD-10...look between the flaps gap, u can see the fuselage , Their are Windows , MD-10 doesn’t have Windows . Also the middle gear was optional to extend based on pilot discretion.
  8. Hi guys, PMDG announced this morning they are not reviving the MD-11. Its in your favor now of not competing with another Dev on the same aircraft (out of respect) . You guys are our only hope and think you will do a superb job on it based on your 717
  9. FYI everyone, flew PHNL-PHKO. this was my 4th attempt as 3 of 3 were successful with no steer problem. On my 4th attempt last night, iiiiiiitttsssss Baaaacckkk. Full hard Left steer and my yoke was full right and couldn't go straight. wow, its back. what the heck is goin on
  10. Can u elaborate better for me. I do and don't understand some of your talk. So are u saying that FSUIPC is the culprit in the steering problem. U said "Full Left Rudder (-16383)". Is that the problem you are saying? I have the free version of FSUIPC as well. Is that still the problem? Also, do I need FSUIPC in my sim anymore? what programs benefit or need it ?
  11. Uninstall the whole thing and delete all the folder locations , there are multiple, in P3d folder , in documents folder also in hidden folders , also delete the addon manager folder and clean your C drive. ALso if u have FSUIPIC delete it and reinstall new one. restart PC, download fresh addon manager then install your TFDI 717 within the addon manager. check if u have steer problem. Sometimes it goes away after fresh install sometimes not .
  12. just flew PHOG-PHLI, No steering problem after land. that's 2 for 2 but im goin for 4 flights. both those landings PHOG and PHLI were visual approach, I did not use the approach/land button. we will see my next flight if its ILS .
  13. that's good to know, I will test more today wih 3 more additional flights. not vfr but ifr full flight prep, takeoff, cruise, descent , approach.
  14. Just landed PHNL-PHOG and No steering problem. Will test out tomorrow as well. There was an EZdok update 3.0.83 for HF2 since March 2020 that was listed on their simforums site and not on their ezdok site download section . Hopefully that was the case but I will test tomrrow with 2-3 additional flights . If I land 3 of them with no taxi problem , then I can say it was EZdok but I will test .
  15. also, could it be Ezdok camera? I have verson
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