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  1. For whatever reason it is working again.
  2. Trying to run smartCARS as Admin and I get the following error: See attached screenshot.
  3. I updated the 717 to its latest released version yesterday and I did a flight in it. Before the latest update the plane, on ap with nav mode on, would turn off course immediately when a runway was selected. Now what it does is instead of turning off course when a runway is selected and inserted into the flightplan, the MCDU causes a break in the flightplan between the waypoint you are flying to and the waypoint thereafter. On the nav display, the moment a runway is selected, the navigation magenta line between those 2 points are immediately erased. I forgot to take a screenshot - flying on VATSIM. In other words if you are looking at waypoints A to B to C, A to B is the leg you are currently on. When a runway is selected the line between B and C is instantly gone. The MCDU shows a discontinuity between B and C. This happened when I was at least 200 nm away from destination and still at cruise altitude.
  4. Tango777

    MCDU plus AP

    I flew the 717 a few days ago (latest version) and when assigned a runway, while the ap was flying in NAV mode per the flightplan, and clicking on the assigned runway in the MCDU inserting it into the flightplan, the plane disengages NAV mode on its own and immediately banks to the right. In my case it does not matter if you are on a leg that is VOR to VOR, flying upper level jetway, etc. This problem now happens every flight. Unfortunately I was not filming. Is the MCDU in the 717 identical to the MCDU in the MD-11?
  5. Tango777

    MCDU plus AP

    The screenshot I submitted when I started this thread shows a "font" problem in the MCDU. Is that problem fixed now in the latest beta version? The next time I fly the 717 I will use the video recorder by Nvidia.
  6. Tango777

    MCDU plus AP

    I will let you know.
  7. I do not know if any differences have made impacts on my install because I will have to fly it and get back with you. If the other developer that you mention here is Joshua Che, may I make a suggestion in that he reads a response thoroughly before responding to a customer's post.
  8. I posted a reply (to a TFDi developer) to a report that I filed almost weeks ago in Bugs and Suggestions. My last response was almost 3 weeks ago and there is still no response from anyone at TFDi. How long does it take to get a response?
  9. Tango777

    MCDU plus AP

    First of all I suggest that you guys expand the questions under MCDU > Predictions. If you take time to read my initial opening post you will see that I have already answered your first 2 questions that you are asking me here. I typed as clearly as possible that my next waypoint was AAMMO (the waypoint I was travelling to). I also gave you my altitude, FL150, aka 15,000 feet. As for your other questions: The prior entry (waypoint) was BUTRR per the flightplan that I initially gave you in my opening post. Yes, a couple of waypoints per the STAR were deleted because KDTW had south operations at that time and therefore are not required. But those couple of waypoints that were deleted were not waypoints I was flying to, they were down the timeline. Again, I was flying direct to AAMMO. What is a good freeware recording software for me to video tape a flight?
  10. Tango777

    MCDU plus AP

    I filled out every part of the form that you require for submissions like this, and I explained the event. I have reported happenings like this before, but this time are you asking me to replicate the flight and write down every button or switch that I touch from take off to touch down?
  11. Tango777

    717 caused FSX to ctd

    I have TFDi crash dmp files dating back to January. No other planes of mine cause ctd with the exception of FSLabs ConcordeX, which they fixed some time ago with an update. What is the ETA on
  12. Font bug still exists in and I have AIRAC cycle 1805. Uninstalling the 717 and re-installing has not helped me.
  13. Tango777

    MCDU plus AP

    Enroute to the AAMMO intersection when I selected the runway for landing in KDTW and the autopilot on NAV mode instantaneously made a 45 degree bank turn to the left sending the plane off course, but NAV mode was still engaged. The MCDU still showed direct AAMMO, but I had to go to select DIR INTC and input a direct course to AAMMO and the plane eventually got back on course. The plane was still level at 15,000 ft. This is nothing new, but I wonder when the 717 does this, why always a hard immediate bank to the left? Since something in the programming of the 717 is still a bit off, why not a wrong turn to the right? P.S. The MCDU still has a font problem when inputting the flightplan, so I am attaching a screenshot.
  14. Tango777

    Rough Turns

    I may be wrong but when I turn on NAV mode, the autopilot "swings" the yoke left or right way too fast. Never seen a yoke move that fast before. Version
  15. It has been reported.