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  1. Rob Ainscough

    Real light fps problem on new airbus

    I'll toss in my 2 cents, having major performance issues with TrueGlass and TrueLight when in SLI (oddly no flickering as has been reported). Specifically the MV 310R. If I disable SLI, then no issues. I did bring this up with LM and they seem to feel it's a driver issue and not much they can do their side. Thoughts? Cheers, Rob.
  2. Rob Ainscough

    Constant left steering while taxi?

    I'm not using FSUIPC for any controller changes. Also not using GIT in this case. However, I was able to solve the problem. I went thru ALL my controllers in P3D and removed ALL button assignments in NORMAL mode and removed all SLEW assignments both button and axis for all my controllers. This seems to have resolved the problem. However, I'm still not able to assign the Tiller to Steering axis, nor am I able to assign Reversers to Reversers Axis in P3D V4.3 ... perhaps this is by design to retain compatibility with FSX?? Cheers, Rob.
  3. Rob Ainscough

    Constant left steering while taxi?

    Not a big deal, I can work around the thrust reversers, just wondering why they aren't working with P3D V4.x axis assignments dedicated for that purpose? I do have FSUIPC installed but I don't use it for any axis/button assignments, only used when testing something out for Pete and that's on my other Test PC not my primary flight PC. I've cycled thru ALL my other controllers to check for assignments and nothing is conflicting. I did have a similar issue with FSL A320 earlier versions that was later fixed in updated release ... prior to that FSL A320 fix my work-around was remove any brake "button" (not axis) assignments ... is it possible the 717 is somehow responding to button assignments even though no buttons are being pressed? On the performance front, 717 seems to be performing very well with great FPS with V1.1 Cheers, Rob.
  4. Rob Ainscough

    Constant left steering while taxi?

    Running the latest v1.1 (no issue in prior versions). When I get enough thrust to move forward the tiller wheel immediately goes left, I can counter it somewhat with rudder input to the right. Here is an unlisted video of the issue (note I've tested with and without ChasePlane, also tested with AutoRudder enabled and that didn't allow any rudder correct at all, just full left): In addition if I assign P3D V4.3 Steering Axis Set to a controller axis, nothing happens? Another issue I ran into is the assignment of Reverse Thruster axis to a controller axis also doesn't seem to engage the reverse thrusters? Any ideas? Cheers, Rob.
  5. Rob Ainscough

    TrueGlass out of ENTC

    Fantastic job with the rain and weather effects via TrueGlass. I really hope to see more of this in other aircraft but it makes me want to fly the 717 much more. Cheers, Rob.
  6. Rob Ainscough

    Lighting issues in P3D V4

    Take a look at how the default Carenado A36 have implemented their lights. Dynamic Lights Enable/Disable option does not prevent lights from showing it only changes the rendering of the light. In the SDK under "New Aircraft Procedures" take a look at "Landing Lights" - I believe you set the Visibility Objects to "general_light" and then in the FX file you specify will have the light type (Type=19). Unless of course you're doing custom lights via the PDK which is entirely different process. You actually don't want to specify Type=27 or 28 as those will ONLY show when DL is enabled (typically reserved for airport stationary lights). At least that's my understanding. Here as an unlisted video of how DL On/Off should work relative the aircraft lights, in both cases you'll see that the lights do work, just render differently: As far as cockpit textures, P3D V4 now supports (actually I think late in V3 this support was introduced) 4096 VC textures (default is 1024) ... this should help the visuals with dome lights but again I think you need to be careful what light type you're using for dome. Cheers, Rob.
  7. Some issues I've noted: 1. With the latest build I"m not seeing any taxi or landing lights illuminate the ground when DL is disabled. 2. Cockpit dome light exposes severe gradients from what I think is overly compressed or low quality resolution cockpit textures? Changing MAX_VC_TEXTURE_RESOLUTION=4096 (from 1024) doesn't improve the problem. Here is a video (unlisted) demonstrating the issue: Cheers, Rob.
  8. I solved the performance issues by turning OFF (uncheck) "Allow Hardware Rendering" and turn OFF Landing lights (DL is enabled) taxi light is fine but landing lights cause about a 35% FPS drop. I'm able to use landing lights with DL on PMDG, iFly, others without as much an FPS drop as I get in the 717. Perhaps the landing lights FX needs to be tuned a little bit for better performance? So far no CTD. I don't have Chase Plane (a few items in CP need to be fixed before I'll install). On a side note, the default livery seems to have some excessive specular, perhaps tone down the white? Cheers, Rob.
  9. Thanks for the responses, glad this issue is not specific to my setup and will be resolved. The more worrying aspect is the strange performance I'm experiencing ... it has me puzzled, it's almost as if the gauge update rate is defining the FPS? Not seeing the issue in P3D V3 (very fluid), just in V4 which is odd because V4 operates about 15-20% better (in terms of FPS and less long frames) than P3D V3. Cheers, Rob.
  10. I just entered the TFDi Beta today for the 717 and took it for a test in P3D V4 (21686). Installation went well. I had a issue with the iPAD and setting aircraft state, when I select Ready to Fly I got some pathing error that was pointing to A2A products? Please see attached error pic. Performance seems odd, my FPS counter is solid at 30 FPS (Vsynch 30Hz monitor) but actual FPS is not 30, feels more like 15. I've never seen this issue before ... does the 717 operate outside of the stand physics modeling similar to the MJC Q400? If so, it looks like it's not synching up with P3D V4 correctly. Cheers, Rob.