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  1. mine is in programs x86 in tfdi folder
  2. ok now if i click on genaric announcemt to crew and passengers nothing happens
  3. Is there a way to resize the pacx interface?
  4. Anthony96

    Should I buy

    What is the advantages and disadvantages of this program looks awsome
  6. Any update on the next aircraft
  7. 2018-3-12_19-56-0-116.BMP 2018-3-12_19-22-22-705.BMP 2018-3-12_19-18-56-915.BMP 2018-3-12_19-17-29-605.BMP 2018-3-12_19-17-12-892.BMP 2018-3-12_19-17-7-702.BMP 2018-3-12_19-16-51-469.BMP 2018-3-12_19-15-13-493.BMP 2018-3-12_19-15-0-795.BMP 2018-3-12_18-6-23-202.BMP
  8. 2018-3-8_16-44-25-835.BMP rex skyforce and asn