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  1. PACX looks like it's gonna be a great product and add a whole new level of realism. However, I'm slightly concerned that it could become slightly tedious. Often, virtual pilots already have to enter their flight information 3-4 times on, for example, their VA, Simbrief/PFPX, projectFLY, online flight plan, etc., all of which could be done on the same flight. Personally, I definitely don't want to have another place to have to enter all of this again, so perhaps PACX could import the initial information from VATSIM/IVAO, projectFLY, or even allow exporting form flight planning software. The only potential issue with this that I can see is that the flight number and callsign are often different. You would need to make sure that the commercial flight number is taken for pax interaction, not the callsign. Also, it would be good if it could work in with smartCARS, considering that's also your own product. Perhaps with smartCARS launched there would be no PACX configuration required? Again, PACX looks like it will be great and obviously all of my comments are just based on speculation. Good luck with the product!