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  1. Core i5 4690K 3.5 Ghz OC to 4.4Ghz (Air Cooled) MSI GTX 1070 16GB DDR3 RAM FSX SP2/OS On Samsung 850 EVO 500GB Oculus Rift VR With FlyInside Runs 60-90 FPS at PHNL/KLAX/PANC/KJFK/KMEM Looks Great! Only one catch... Using VR is cockpit only (unless you want to get so dizzy you will die LOL) Therefore I only have cockpit on High settings and the outside is never used, but outside still looks great!
  2. the flap handle at the 0 deg position is slats, anything past it is flap + slat
  3. Probably not, that would be tons of code and the devs already have their hands full, maybe as a update far down the line.
  4. no pop up PFDs. try alternate trim (yellow switches by fuel control switches). Remember: Hold the switches down.
  5. yeah I've been at 5000+ and it will go into green autoland mode, definitely needs a tweak
  6. @turbofandude look at this post, I think if you guys are looking at the autoland system you should look into it. Happy New Year!
  7. where is the flight plans folder located? I (and you're gonna think I'm crazy) save all my flight plans on 3.5in Floppy Disk! so to redirect the folder to the A: drive I need to know where it is. Thanks -Hunter
  8. Thanks Collin! About to test in VR, Will keep posted!
  9. MD11Flier

    Autoland on PFD?

    Thanks as an avid McDonnell Douglass fan, I'm glad we caught this issue!
  10. Collin, I want to thank you for keeping us posted and being so honest an open with the users about all the issues, and your teams quickness to address them! Good luck!
  11. Check Out the Video I made! No glitches @ 4.4GHz
  12. MD11Flier

    Autoland on PFD?

    the 717 was at <2000ft when it said "AUTOLAND" shouldn't it be 1500 as you mentioned
  13. MD11Flier

    Autoland on PFD?

    Shouldn't the plane say "Dual Land/Single Land" instead of "Autoland" like on the MD11? Also the plane should decide to say the green land mode or say "approach only" at ~1500? Coming from exclusively flying the PMDG MD11 I'm just not exactly sure how they are in the real planes. Happy New Year!
  14. That works BUT now the AP is disengaged too and you have no thrust protection, the proper way is on the throttles left and right side you should see a button click that twice. AFS OVRD is made for emergencies only, it is like the PRIMARY FLT COMPUTER DISCONNECT on the 777