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  1. FlyPc


    Last time I checked it was able to hold on a waypoint, but not on present position. So check again, it should work. Press on the right side R of the waypoint on the mcdu R button and select hold.
  2. FlyPc

    aircraft repaints not showing up

    In the liverie you downloaded there is a file explaining that you have to copy the text in your cfg of the aircraft. Use notepad to open it and copy paste it in the cfg of the aircraft. In the document it will tell you in which directory. The xx in the first command string you can edit with a number. I did that yesterday and then it showed up in fsx steam. Good luck.
  3. FlyPc

    Saitek/Logitech panels

    Nope no answer yet. I use fsx steam edition myself. On the autoflight panel i can use only the ruddertrim and flap settings. Knobs are inop. Radio panel com frequencies work. Nav and dme work. Instrument panel knobs inop. For me, it would have been nice if the knobs work, so I dont have to use the mouse. And using the knobs on the hardware makes it more enjoyable. You can try it out, but be aware that it might work very limited. So it can be a waste of money for this aircraft, but a plus for other aircraft that work fine with the hardware out of the box. Would be nice if the developer can share something about this. Is it possible to make the knobs work on the saitek/logitech hardware? To interact with the B717.
  4. FlyPc

    Saitek/Logitech panels

    Anybody with tips, would be nice to sort this out. Rudder/flight controls work. Logitech auto pilot panel works limited. Would be awesome if i can change the speed, heading and altitudes with the knobs. The 717 does not respond to these inputs. The saitek instrument panel does not respond to heading changes either. Right now using a mouse to turn the knobs in the sim.
  5. FlyPc


    Had the same problem. When trimming it will trim back to AND 4.0 automatically. Then I noticed that the alternate trim was stuck at the AND position (yellow trim switch), put this back to neutraal then the normal trim switch works properly again.
  6. FlyPc

    Virtual Cdu with tablet

    Yes, via my personal mail. On the website linked above you can contact him via the contact page. Or
  7. FlyPc

    Virtual Cdu with tablet

    Message from the developer about this issue: this is a confirmed bug on TFDi's side - they will fix this in an upcoming SP. I'm afraid there isn't anything I can do on my side.
  8. Dear Sim Aviators, I searched for this issue and came across a post of an user called pasqual, but I still can't find a solution. I have a saitek instrument panel, saitek radio panel, logitech autopilot panel. All of these won't work in FSX with the B717. With my other planes I have no problems. I tried using Spad.Next, but still nothing. Is there a profile or an instruction somewhere how to configure this to make the saitek/logitech panels work with the B717? Only the saitek flight controls, throttle quadrant and rudder work. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Best Regards, FlyPc
  9. FlyPc

    Virtual Cdu with tablet

    Just some early feedback as promised. Purchased the Virtual CDU via the link above. Bought a license for B717 TFDI. Till now only managed to set the Left CDU to work, using the Right CDU i will get a black display, the keypad buttons will work and your input will be visible in FSX steam edition, but without display (not really usable like this) . Doing this with the Left CDU, it will work properly with a display. Ocassionly the app will disconnect sometimes, not sure why. Still testing it out, but can be sometimes annoying. So right now limited to using only the left CDU. Paid 10 euros for the B717 license.
  10. FlyPc

    Virtual Cdu with tablet

    Thank you, I will try this. I will post back with the results in the near future. I was planning first to use a touchscreen monitor, but a tablet is a cheaper and better option.
  11. Dear sim aviators, I am new to this home sim setup and working towards my setup. Is it possible to set up a virtual cdu with the B717? I want to use a tablet preferrably android os to link the B717 cdu, so I can input everything easier with the touchscreen of a tablet into the cdu. Please let me know, I saw a youtube video for the 737 model. But i dont think this is applicable for the 717. Best Regards, Flypc
  12. FlyPc

    Change destination during flight

    Dear all, Let's say I want to divert to another airport. How do I change the destination in the mcdu? Normally I would select a waypoint and select a new destination, but in the TFDI B717 mcdu i don't see this option. How can I change the destination? I hope someone can solve this problem. Thank you in advance. Best Regards, FlyPc