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  1. gdafc

    CTD when going back to cockpit

    Have tried this without flying, whilst it may work, it knocks 10 FPS from my display so not really a viable option.
  2. gdafc

    CTD when going back to cockpit

    Not sure how this fixes anything? Is it still being looked into? Thanks
  3. gdafc

    CTD when going back to cockpit

    I concur, I reported this back in February and my post was not answered, I left it in the hanger then until this major update. Such a shame its going back there as the exact same issue remains.
  4. @turbofandude Anything in particular you need? Aircraft, scenery, weather or other addons? As a basic, I have all the PMDG aircraft, FSLabs A320, Orbx Globaland Vector. Much of UK2000 scenery ASP3d for weather, Aivlasoft moving map and Chaseplane. If you are after something more specific please let me know. Cheers
  5. Hi I am still experiencing this now, just crashed on view change on start and pushback. Yesterday did the same three times. I have already updated to 4.2. Any more suggestions? Thanks