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  1. these guys wont fix or except responsibility i havent flown this for months tried now not even to second and a ctd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bottom line=!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! last TFDI ill ever buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. very nice! thx: can we get maybe? a oriental liveries china? malyasia?phillipines?japan/Korea next =none exist =they used 2 but since updated all beautiful liveries we had are gone cant use them in this new plane version-anyway thx and please consider request
  3. ths so much =appreciate all artist liveries for the 717 thank you:
  4. thx so much glad to see new liveries popping up=long time was quite thx excellent job!
  5. its waiting activation from TFDI=it could be months! since they fell asleep or the office burned down?(sarcasm)-they have been in my opinion sloppy past month! dont answer community ? about repaint Friday-or make announcement/ dissapear /nothing on their face book page-excellent plane but wtf!-give us some liveries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    very nice hope the others or you? make the ones we lost=eastern/korean/malyasia /etc:
  6. enjoy//-graphics turned way down! to stable frame rates ,,until issue resolved:
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