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  1. no camera add ons system default except for 3rd party payware airports and orbx trees stock basically....................
  2. P3d 4:4 so far so good i took off from rpll flew in circles PROVOKING a CTD by switching views on purpose to see if a CTD=none i flew 1/2hr, and i left the FMS basically blank- i suspect it could CTD if fully info entered =why ?just a hunch? -hope im totally wrong =flew around manilla with the high end pay scenery i got decent frames on an average rig, no CTD but perhaps a lot more testing with fully loaded FMS and bounce around s/e asia =kai tek =-taiwon/ singapore all payware and we see?but so far =so good!
  3. very nice! thx: can we get maybe? a oriental liveries china? malyasia?phillipines?japan/Korea next =none exist =they used 2 but since updated all beautiful liveries we had are gone cant use them in this new plane version-anyway thx and please consider request
  4. totally unexceptable $60 and it still doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see if we spend $$$ on future stuff if u dont fix this!!! i tried 2 make a flight today and wasted over 1/2 hr doing by the book checklist etc: now im pissed off and dont feal like wasting time flying this again! maybe ill fly some other plane ? the dc 8 aerosoft or aerosoft a319 no CTD ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fix it or ur rep will get damaged on social media by unhappy owners! this is going on way 2 long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ths so much =appreciate all artist liveries for the 717 thank you:
  6. thx so much glad to see new liveries popping up=long time was quite thx excellent job!
  7. its waiting activation from TFDI=it could be months! since they fell asleep or the office burned down?(sarcasm)-they have been in my opinion sloppy past month! dont answer community ? about repaint Friday-or make announcement/ dissapear /nothing on their face book page-excellent plane but wtf!-give us some liveries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    very nice hope the others or you? make the ones we lost=eastern/korean/malyasia /etc:
  8. they wont tell u that=dont ask-i think weeks min to months? =but we will see!😀
  9. read crash 2 desktop= 2 levels above ur post- has answers! but no cure yet!
  10. if u wanna fly this plane=do this:this is only temporary till they figure it out! this is what i do! works for me -my rig is average: 1=turn on P3D v4:2 with default aircraft/load it start it change views F9 F10 s keY=outside few times! 2=close P3d=close it! 3=restart P3D with all settings low! 4=load plane and as soon as its loaded look outside =get ur fill so 2 speak then never and i mean NEVER GO OUTSIDE OF PLANE AGAIN=EVEN AFTER U LAND =DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY INSIDE COCKPIT!=F9=USE=A TO GET DIFFERENT VEIWS 5=IF U DO THIS U WILL GET FROM POiNT A 2 b=WITHOUT CRASH 2 DESKTOP THIS IS HOW I DO IT-SEE IF WORKS FOR U
  11. heres another tip=look at plane all u want before flight- then go inside cockpit and =DONT! GO OUTSIDE TO VIEW! DURING FLIGHT OR ELSE=CTD RISK=HIGH!!! I look at the plane, get my fill, then go inside and never! leave to look outside and now -i dont get crashes to desktop-the issue is with many of us =regardless it seems as what we got(our PC and graphics cards /we almost all of us are getting CTD's-obvously i hope they can figure it out and fix,, so we can look outside with out fear of freezes /black screen=CTD-my sollution isnt a fix but only a way i found i can get from point a- 2 -B without CTD-if i look around out side and try to go back inside cockpit=CTD try it until they release 1:0 official release=PS: i know they wont say so i wont ask them =but anyone else think it will be released officially soon?=3/4 months? or more then 6 months more? any ideas?