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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional repaint of American Airlines 2000 metal livery for TFDI 717. Big thanks to Mistrfiksit for uploading his metal texture master template to the downloads section of this forum.
  2. Now that the Lufthansa repaints are done and uploaded to the downloads section here in this forum, I decided to go back to KDFW and repaint American Airlines Metal Livery. Getting the stripes on the nose was tough and they aren't perfect, but I got the 717 repaint as closes as the livery appears on a real life MD-80.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional repaint of TFDI 717-200 in Lufthansa's recently unveiled 2020 livery.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional repaint of TFDI 717-200 in Lufthansa's 2000 Livery.
  5. After a few stops and starts, i am finally ready to unveil a livery that have been working on for quite a while. It is a Lufthansa 2020 livery for the 717. The tail and its line up with the fuselage was really, really tough. If somebody as a merge of the fuselage master with the vertical stabilizer, it would may a future repaint much easier. Anyways, I am going back to my Lufthansa 2010 livery and doing some minor adjustments. After that, I plan on releasing both of Lufthansa Liveries to the downloads section.
  6. My latest repaint crosses the Atlantic and Lands in Frankfurt. I decided to repaint Lufthansa's last paint scheme. The yellow crane looks so good on the TFDI model. I still am not sure if this is going to be the final product. I might adjust the location of the Lufthansa name on the forward fuselage. Perhaps, but I need to step away for a second and get a second set of eyes on it.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional repaint of Air Canada's 2007 unpainted livery for TFDI 717. Big thanks to Mistrfiksit for uploading his metal texture master template to the downloads section of this forum. This master template was used as the base for this repaint.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional repaint of TFDI 717-200 in Canadian Airlines 1990 Livery
  9. Will you folks include auto-step climb features as found on later MD-11 Aircraft?
  10. Here is my next Canadian Livery. I now step back to 2007 and go to Air Canada's Experimental unpainted livery that was applied to at least one 767. Originally, I was going to do this scheme with a white body. But, thanks to Mistrfiksit for uploading his metal texture master template to the downloads section of this forum, I can display this scheme in stunning detail like I wish. It needs a couple of minor changes like the Star Alliance Logo being moved up and I am not sure if I like where the fin number is on the vetical stab. But overall, these are minor changes. For those folks w
  11. I adjusted the gray stripe to give it a more 'Bluish' hue. Photos of the 737-200 aircraft seem to elude to this shade as a better choice. More importantly, it make the grey stripe much more visible and gives it a better contrast to the snow white fuselage skin. What do you guys think? I ma leaning to this being the final change and preparing for a public release.
  12. I played around some more with the Canadian Airlines repaint. I fixed the messed up stripes as they continued through the wing-to-body fairings. Now the lines continue through like the pictures of the 737-200 aircraft I have seen. It was a lot of work, but I am happy with the results. The grey cheat-line doesn't seem to be 'bold' enough and tends to be lost on the off-white skin. Hard to be sure since my eyes are getting a little blurry after looking at dozens of photographs. What do you folks think, does it look too light in colour?
  13. I decided to step back o 1990-2000 and repaint one of Canada's forgotten airlines: Canadian Airlines International. This repaint has been tougher than all of the previous. I had to use a Time Air Fokker F28-1000 photographs as a reference. Aligning the rear belly stripes took a loot of patience. They aren't perfect, but are acceptable. I still need to adjust the aircraft model/made reference. Finally, I am not sure about the tail logo. Might give it a second thought after the other attention-to-detail items have been corrected.
  14. My repaint of Air Canada 2017 Livery has been released and is ready for download : Air Canada 2017 Here is my repaint for WestJet: WestJet 2010
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