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  1. I'd like this to be solved as well, I can't fly the 717 since May... I know it's related on P3Dv4, but this issue is not present or at least much more rare with many other addons, so there must be a workaround waiting for Lockheed to solve this issue on their side.
  2. kmax59

    P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Great find Skipy ! I'll crosscheck that and report if I get the same result or not. To answer Joshua, on my side GTX 1070, using 382.05 (but tried all of them between this one and the last driver). Also the HW rendering didn't change anything.
  3. kmax59

    Crash when switching views

    Hi @macca22au I was just thinking, what nvidia drivers do you use? If enabling the HW rendering prevents the CTD to happen for you, it may be linked with the driver !
  4. kmax59

    Crash when switching views

    No luck ! It crashed again after reinstalling EDIT: Same result by not using the Hardware rendering
  5. kmax59

    Crash when switching views

    Well, I already did a full aircraft reinstall, but I didn't uninstall the addon manager, that's what I am going to do right now by redownloading the whole thing. Will give you my feedback once completed :-)
  6. kmax59

    Crash when switching views

    Thanks for the feedback macca22au, unfortunately I already use Hardware rendering, I also tried without it but it doesn't change anything here for me
  7. kmax59

    Crash when switching views

    Did a test today without chaseplane, same crash with a similar error log in the windows event viewer, so we can forget about chaseplane being the cause of the CTD.
  8. kmax59

    Crash when switching views

    No problem It indeed works if I don't switch to external view a moment before TOD and after that until landing. This is surely linked to the systems and the flight plan. It would be great to get some feedback from the TFDI team about this, especially for such an important issue. One question: Does someone tried on P3D v3? Is this happening too on this sim? Here is the kind of error I'm getting on my side, usually getting the same NET runtime error as macca22au just before getting this:
  9. kmax59

    Crash when switching views

    I hope so too, but some more detailed report may help them in case they didn't find yet the reason. I'm currently flying the same flight I already flew 6 times, let's see what happens when not switching the views !
  10. kmax59

    Crash when switching views

    Thanks Wispy, I didn't experience this until recently. I added some information to my original post, hopefully it could help the TFDI team to find a cause to this
  11. Hi, I get a lot of crashes to desktop with the current version of the 717 and P3Dv4, unfortunately I can't even complete a flight. This happens randomly while I'm switching from the external view to the internal view (it also happen in the opposite but less). I got several associated dll crash in the windows event viewer which I never have when flying another aircraft: - ntdll.dll - menu.dll - ai_player.dll - api.dll and also a kernelbase.dll The affected dll seems totally random, I already tried to reproduce this with other aircraft but it never happened. I am using ASP4 and ASCA as well as Envtex but this doesn't do anything in real time to the sim and some sceneries. Also using Chaseplane, FSUIPC and PF3 ATC sometimes and it appears that the Multiline FSUIPC display increase the chance of having a CTD during view changes. Many crashes also happened while I was close to the TOD. Also couldn't this be a simconnect conflict between chaseplane and the 717? I hope this can help for finding the cause as it seems I'm not the only one.
  12. kmax59

    The Immediate To-Do List

    Is that normal that 3 weeks after posting a bug report it's not been reviewed yet?... Also, another bug report even older got lost, or was deleted. Just after the release it's been said that we would already have the TOC, TOD and many other features that are supposed to be implemented if you wouldn't have met some issues with performances, that can be understood. But it's now quite a long time performance issues have been solved and I still don't see anything but a beta that does NOT include any of the important features which were promised. As a repainter I was also looking for the paintkit but there is still nothing. Your aircraft looks pretty good but right now it only looks. I am sure your 717 is going to be a must have when finished and I am personnally willing to wait if your promises come true, but your customers deserve more transparency about what's going on and we should not have to suffer from your errors. I have the feeling that we have been left with what we got, but again what we got is not what we bought. I know you guys are working behind the scene but your addon really needs some updates. What about creating an approximate calendar so we can know when we will finally be able to use the aircraft we were supposed to get? I really don't like to sound rude but I never get an answer when asking gently. And please don't lock the topic again, this is not the way to solve such frustation.
  13. kmax59

    Aircraft not being updated

    Hi, While I only did 2 complete flights with the 717 at the moment as it was lacking too many features, I was thinking about trying again 1.0.6. No luck, when launching the addon manager, the 717 is not being updated. I am using and the addon manager is 1.0.3. Any help on this?
  14. kmax59

    Fuselage reflection missing at night

    I am posting again because the old system never took my suggestion/reports into account. The fuselage model does not have any reflection as soon as the logo light is turned ON at dawn, dusk and night (while the passengers windows still have the reflections). See with and without logo light ON in the attached pictures. Would be nice to see this corrected.
  15. Not every customer would have bought an incomplete aircraft. Seems like we don't understand this the same way. This is currently pretty unflyable if you wish to fly an in-depth 717, not having a TOC/TOD or a complete MCDU is not a "top of the line" accuracy in my opinion. Furthermore, two weeks after the purchase. I have not yet been able to complete a flight without a crash or without having the AT/AP misbehaving. I don't like to complain this way on forums but right now, I really have the feeling that I have been fooled with this purchase. I understand that the stability is a priority but your product is lacking a lot of the announced features. You will "take a look" at these features after the next update? Unbelievable to hear that, your customers are waiting and they are not waiting you to "take a look", they are waiting you to keep your promises and make this aircraft flyable.