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  1. Thank you Colin for the update, Yes this is how it should work Take the time you need, as long as we know it's still being improved. I've been quite harsh previously and feel sorry as I know you're definitely not bad guys, so now that I've complained a bit and because if it's normal to say what's wrong, it's also normal to say what's great: Despites the issues it has here and there, this 717 is one of the most immersive aircraft currently existing, it has a lot of potential and if you bring it where it deserves to, it will be a fantastic add-on.
  2. Hello @turbofandude Thanks for the quick answer. I am totally aware of what you said, however I've never had the feeling this product was ever fully completed (and I guess I'm happy I didn't have to buy a P3Dv4 version as far as it's still crashing). Being in the development as well, I didn't want to put pressure on you with my previous message, it's just that waiting 3 months to hear that you had a wrong idea of how is working a VOR is very frustrating, if not a little funny. I hope you can keep in mind that answering a customer 3 months after his message is quite unacceptable. Now, I'm glad that you're still working on solving issues, we just only didn't know, communication/support is half of a product in the simulation world. And yes, having a correct VOR reading is important for non-precision approaches, and I'm amazed (not to say afraid) nobody actually reported this before. There is no big deal for me, an issue which is not supposed to be there and that prevent the product to be used as it should must be fixed, for me and all the other users who paid and deserves to get what they paid for. If I got an answer earlier, I would not have reacted this way. Looking forward to the next version, with the hope the views switch crash will finally have disappeared. Thanks, Maxime
  3. Well, this is wrong. A VOR is set according to the magnetic north, a radial from a vor must be magnetic or the reading is completely false. Can you imagine an airline pilot converting a VOR magnetic radial from his charts to true in order to perform a VOR approach properly? I guess (I hope) the tfdi team has some basic aviation knowledge, VOR radials being magnetic is one. I just can’t believe an aircraft development team does not know that. Pardon me the way I’m answering, but how on earth is it possible to still getting such mistakes/issues 2 years after the initial release? How on earth can we be left with mistakes like this on an airliner which is supposed to be complete with advanced systems? How can we be answered 3 months after a report for such a huge mistake? It really sounds unbelievable for me for an aircraft of that price. Initially we could say it’s okay you’re a small and young team, but 2 years after the release and a silent support now let’s start to do something please. I hope this will be fixed soon, at least I got an answer almost 3 month after my report. Quite unhappy how we’ve been left with such issues for months without any word from you guys, feeling like the 717 is becoming an abandonware. Hope you’ll show us it’s not.
  4. Hi, While trying to perform some VOR/DME approaches in Australia, I realized that VOR Rads are actually true radials instead of magnetic. It should obviously be set as magnetic radials as VOR are supposed to be aligned to the magnetic north. For now, this makes the 717 unflyable on VOR/DME approaches so I hope we can expect an update at some point.
  5. I'd like this to be solved as well, I can't fly the 717 since May... I know it's related on P3Dv4, but this issue is not present or at least much more rare with many other addons, so there must be a workaround waiting for Lockheed to solve this issue on their side.
  6. Great find Skipy ! I'll crosscheck that and report if I get the same result or not. To answer Joshua, on my side GTX 1070, using 382.05 (but tried all of them between this one and the last driver). Also the HW rendering didn't change anything.
  7. Hi @macca22au I was just thinking, what nvidia drivers do you use? If enabling the HW rendering prevents the CTD to happen for you, it may be linked with the driver !
  8. No luck ! It crashed again after reinstalling EDIT: Same result by not using the Hardware rendering
  9. Well, I already did a full aircraft reinstall, but I didn't uninstall the addon manager, that's what I am going to do right now by redownloading the whole thing. Will give you my feedback once completed :-)
  10. Thanks for the feedback macca22au, unfortunately I already use Hardware rendering, I also tried without it but it doesn't change anything here for me
  11. Did a test today without chaseplane, same crash with a similar error log in the windows event viewer, so we can forget about chaseplane being the cause of the CTD.
  12. No problem It indeed works if I don't switch to external view a moment before TOD and after that until landing. This is surely linked to the systems and the flight plan. It would be great to get some feedback from the TFDI team about this, especially for such an important issue. One question: Does someone tried on P3D v3? Is this happening too on this sim? Here is the kind of error I'm getting on my side, usually getting the same NET runtime error as macca22au just before getting this:
  13. I hope so too, but some more detailed report may help them in case they didn't find yet the reason. I'm currently flying the same flight I already flew 6 times, let's see what happens when not switching the views !
  14. Thanks Wispy, I didn't experience this until recently. I added some information to my original post, hopefully it could help the TFDI team to find a cause to this