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  1. Hi guys - I can also confirm this appears to be an AIRAC issue. I had the same problems with 1813 but rolling back to 1811 and that solved it.
  2. Hey guys - I have also experienced the CTD a few times while switching views. I generally don't switch views much except for when I am on the ground at the gate. I also get a CTD or a freeze at times when I hit ALT-ENT to minimize the screen (accessing the TFDI manager to load aircraft). I had another last night as I had to ALT-ENT out of "full screen" mode to switch off my f.lux that had erroneously turned on. When I ALT-ENT to get back to full screen the sim froze. Sounds were still going but sim was locked up. I ended up having to ctrl-alt-del out of P3D. This is the only aircraft I have seen this issue though. I do use Chaseplane and I am on P3D v4.3. I use autosave so I can usually get back to where I was pretty quickly. Otherwise, really loving this thing!
  3. I also noticed on my last flight the MCDU was not placing the last segment of the STAR. It was missing the last 6 or 7 waypoints as well....I believe it was the PECHY1 arrival to KATL...
  4. is correct for the addon manager. is the aircraft version...in order to check the airplane, go to the MCDU and hit 'Menu' and then hit FMC-1. The version will show up there for you.
  5. There was a post or two from one of the guys that did the textures/night lighting and it sounds like this cannot be fixed due to the system they used to develop the night lighting. My guess is the fix (if there is one) would be much more involved and unlikely something we would see a quick fix on.
  6. The PMDG NGX does this as well. It is because that is basically how the VC is shaped....so unfortunately that is what the shadow is being based on. If you have Ezdok or Chaseplane, move the camera outside the VC and look back at it....you'll see this basic structure, not the entire aircraft.
  7. I have not yet seen these high speeds calculated but while in cruise this morning I went into an overspeed situation that I could not remedy. I was in managed speed mode and I got up to Mach .85 with alarms going off and I could not fix it. Needless to say the flight was botched and had to shut down. I was using a CI of 35 and things were going fine for 30 minutes and this happened out of the blue.....
  8. LNAV tracking issues here as well, about 6-8 miles off course. The one ILS I managed to do seemed spot on though.
  9. I now cannot get GSX to work with this aircraft. I was having the menu issue where it took up the entire screen and now all of a sudden I cannot get a menu at all!
  10. I could not get mine to transfer either. Also, is there a way to switch to lbs instead of kg in the aircraft? My Addon manager shows lbs but aircraft numbers are all kg.
  11. I agree on the lights as well...I think all of the exterior lights are a bit too dim (beacon, navs, strobes).
  12. Hi - Wonderful airplane, although it will take me a while to figure it out! Hopefully we see some tutorial videos in the future. One issue I am having is that I am using my Saitek yoke and set up my left button for elevator trim as I do on all of my aircraft. It seems that it is activating the alternate trim instead of the regular trim on the yoke. Anyone else having this issue?? Thanks!
  13. I am also having this full screen menu problem in P3D....