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  1. Recently I have been flying the 717 again after a long break, and I have to say, I have not had a single view change CTD yet. Because it's been a while since I used P3D, I can't say if it was just the update or the latest Windows 10 updates or Nvidia driver or what - but I've probably changed views 500 times without a single crash. I wouldn't go around proclaiming it's 100% fixed just yet, but for me at least, it's significantly better based on my testing thus far.
  2. It goes into a little cubby on the left side of the captain's footwell (or the right side of the FO's)
  3. We all know they're working quietly away on an MD-11... 😀
  4. Looks freaking gorgeous so far Daniel. Thanks for your hard work
  5. PMDG MD-11F and Majestic Dash mostly.