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  1. The thing is, if you only have FSX installed you have no easy way to add them. It needs to be part of the Addon Manager FSX install process.
  2. Yes but that is not what people are referring to. The model animation alone is way too subtle. You can barely tell they're on, especially off the ground where you can't see the light splashes. Try using the .fx files from P3D. It looks far better and I'm sure it's what the users here are looking for. I know the model was updated to use animations rather than standard .fx but the .cfg is still set up to use them, and it looks muuuuch better in FSX.
  3. Just compared the P3D\effects\ and FSX\effects folder, the FSX one was missing all the TFDi ones except touchdown. I copied from P3D to FSX and they appear now in FSX. Looks like the FSX install process in the Addon Manager isn't installing them for some reason.
  4. The ground splashes are visible, it's just the effects on the aircraft itself are completely missing.
  5. I'd be happy to help test as well (have both FSX-SE and P3D 4.5hf2 installed)
  6. Is this in FSX? The effects for nav lights, beacons, strobes etc seem to be totally missing in FSX.
  7. Can you throw up a screenshot of how it looks on your end? Here's mine:
  8. That is very odd. You're using the mouse wheel to control the dimmers?
  9. Recently I have been flying the 717 again after a long break, and I have to say, I have not had a single view change CTD yet. Because it's been a while since I used P3D, I can't say if it was just the update or the latest Windows 10 updates or Nvidia driver or what - but I've probably changed views 500 times without a single crash. I wouldn't go around proclaiming it's 100% fixed just yet, but for me at least, it's significantly better based on my testing thus far.
  10. It goes into a little cubby on the left side of the captain's footwell (or the right side of the FO's)
  11. We all know they're working quietly away on an MD-11... 😀
  12. Looks freaking gorgeous so far Daniel. Thanks for your hard work
  13. PMDG MD-11F and Majestic Dash mostly.