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  1. molleh

    Repaint installation in FSX SE

    Hi Tom, If your FSX Steam Edition is installed in the default location, your TFDi airplane folder in FSX would be located in c:\program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\simobjects\airplanes\TFDi_Design_717.
  2. Looks freaking gorgeous so far Daniel. Thanks for your hard work
  3. molleh

    Night textures

    I have noticed the same on my sims (P3D 4.4 as well as FSX SE)
  4. molleh


    Your first post didn't say anything about following waypoints to get you ready for manual landing. You asked if it could do the entire process while you sipped tea. That's what I was referring to. Of course the autopilot can follow waypoints among many, many other functionalities.
  5. molleh


    No, there is no auto takeoff nor can the autopilot just take over all the way to landing. Of course the flight crew has to handle aircraft configuration (gear, flaps, spoilers, etc) and possibly changing approaches depending on ATC and weather, and so on. However, like many modern airliners, the 717 is capable of auto landing, meaning once you are properly configured and have captured the localizer and glideslope, the aircraft will land itself provided the weather isn't too severe and the airport's ILS is the right type. It sounds like you aren't familiar with commercial airliner operations in general so you might want to do some reading on the subject and watch some Youtube tutorials, just to get a general sense of how it all works.
  6. molleh

    How is the Autopilot doing?

    The 717 has been majorly improved since it released. I haven't had any problems with autopilot, vnav, etc outside of the very occasional quirk. I highly recommend the TFDi 717 in its current state (version
  7. molleh

    Latest update ( broke the 717

    Must have been a fluke. I did a few start ups today without any strangeness.
  8. molleh

    CTD also with P3D 4.4

    I get the occasional view change crash in 4.4 as well. I think every time it's been going from external views to VC. Hope they can track it down!
  9. If you're on Windows 10, you can just use the built in "Xbox DVR" feature to record videos by pressing Windows + alt + R (press again to stop recording.) The videos will then show up in your Windows 10 Videos\Captures folder.
  10. molleh

    What to expect with P3Dv4

    Do you guys think you'll be able to utilize the new dynamic lighting system in v4 in some way to get around the poor night-lighting compromises that we have right now?
  11. molleh

    Revers comand only with F2

    Did they still not fix the reverser system for the beta? Why can't they just use the same system every other add on uses...
  12. molleh

    While We Wait What Are You Flying?

    PMDG MD-11F and Majestic Dash mostly.
  13. molleh

    P3D v4

    It's impossible for them to say for sure whether they can fully support P3D v4 until v4 comes out (unless they have internal beta access to v4, which I doubt.)
  14. molleh

    Exterior Night Lighting Reflections

    I replicated the same thing on my PC multiple times as well (P3D 3.4) No screenshots because I don't have it installed at the moment, but I can confirm this.
  15. molleh

    vc dawn/dusk lighting fix

    If we have to pay extra for it, then forget it.