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  1. molleh

    717 Throttles stopped responding

    If you're on Windows 10, you can just use the built in "Xbox DVR" feature to record videos by pressing Windows + alt + R (press again to stop recording.) The videos will then show up in your Windows 10 Videos\Captures folder.
  2. molleh

    What to expect with P3Dv4

    Do you guys think you'll be able to utilize the new dynamic lighting system in v4 in some way to get around the poor night-lighting compromises that we have right now?
  3. molleh

    Revers comand only with F2

    Did they still not fix the reverser system for the beta? Why can't they just use the same system every other add on uses...
  4. molleh

    While We Wait What Are You Flying?

    PMDG MD-11F and Majestic Dash mostly.
  5. molleh

    P3D v4

    It's impossible for them to say for sure whether they can fully support P3D v4 until v4 comes out (unless they have internal beta access to v4, which I doubt.)
  6. molleh

    Exterior Night Lighting Reflections

    I replicated the same thing on my PC multiple times as well (P3D 3.4) No screenshots because I don't have it installed at the moment, but I can confirm this.
  7. molleh

    vc dawn/dusk lighting fix

    If we have to pay extra for it, then forget it.
  8. molleh

    flight range

    I think they are working behind the scenes but I agree that the communication kinda fell off a cliff. The next update 1.0.6.x will be the make or break I think.
  9. molleh

    Frame Rates

    Please don't make these broad assumptions, the 717 performs excellently on my PC, moreso than the PMDG NGX.
  10. There is a 13 page thread going at the Hifi official forums about that issue, you should post there and also open a ticket with their support system. The more input about the problem they receive, the easier they can fix the problem.
  11. molleh

    FAQ updates B717 please read here.

    If you just installed the 717 then it downloaded the most up to date files from the get go.
  12. molleh

    trim sound/switch jiggle

    +1 This would be nice to have fixed. I imagine it is tied to the animation of the trim switch model.
  13. molleh

    717 Edurance/Distance wrong

  14. molleh

    Addon Mangaer not tranferring correct gross weights

    I have noticed the same glitchy behavior, and like jhammer says, I found that spamming the two buttons a few times seems to (eventually) get the right weight into the sim. Definitely needs to be looked at by the devs.