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  1. Afternoon, all! I'm sure it's been addressed before, but any chance we can have the possibility of plugged eyebrow windows in an update? Would literally be the last item to complete the 717 IMO. Thanks!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, everyone! This is the stock Delta 717 modified to include more airframes. Modified by spreilly, all credit goes to the TFDI team for a great aircraft and livery. Additional credit to stevedra for the tail night textures. I felt that we needed to see more of the 91 aircraft that Delta currently flies. Included are: -The youngest of Delta's 717 Fleet, N939AT -Former AirTran ship 9550, N717JL -Former Blue1 ship 9589, N989DN Includes accurate registrations and fonts found on real-world Delta aircraft. Install is as follows: 1. Place the three texture.Delta_N###XX folders in the TFDI 717 folder (Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\TFDi_Design_717) 2. Open aircraft.cfg and add the text contained in the README file after the last fltsim entry.
  3. Hello, everyone! It seems that the newest version of the TFDI 717 broke the reflection profile that comes with Tomatoshade; the night textures on the landing gear, for example, at night have mis-matched textures. Does anyone have an updated tomatoshade profile to fix this?
  4. The MD-90 had different cockpit's installed, some the EFIS like the MD-88, some the MD-11/717-based cockpits. An MD-90 would be great, but it'd require a bit more work for the older style cockpits. Maybe TFDI could work with Leonardo to put the older cockpit in, and use their own systems for the glass-cockpit versions :P
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