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  1. Oh @#^$, Really? Thanks so much for TrueGlass. What a game changer. I hope the other developers purchase this because, I seriously don't believe I'll be buying or flying any other aircraft in the future that doesn't have this. Fantastic Guys - Thanks.
  2. With no changes to my system apart from any Windows Updates and ChasePlane Updates and a few new Aerosoft Airports and Carenado Aircraft, as if by magic, this problem no longer exists and I can now have the above two FlightBeam Airports set as active. Go figure (I can't) :-)
  3. Forgot to mention - Buggy add-ons system for sure I did also find that I have add-ons.cfg in both C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 as well as C:\Users\Kym Harper\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4. An entry for Flightbeam - KSFOHD had been added in each but removing one made no difference. Also, most times something is added I get something like the following with [Package.0] getting a double entry:- (nothing to do with the TFDi 717-200 but confirming your theory on a bug with the Prepar3D addon system) [Package.0] PATH=H:\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FlightBeam KDEN ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false [Package.0] PATH=H:\Progs\12bPilot\SODE\P3Dv4 TITLE=SODE ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false
  4. Yes I've tried various resolutions as well as backing off other settings and it made no difference. I spent many hours on settings before slapping myself in the face remembering I'd installed to two FlightBeam Airports since the 717 was working with the fantastic new lighting. I've switched Simstarter NG back on and set a profile without the two FlightBeam Airports (I have other FlightBeams and they're OK) and it's as stable as can be flying all day with everything maxed out to stupid levels on my 4K monitor while running chaseplane, AS16, VoxATX 7.4, PFPX, everything currently available in ORBX & FSDreamTeam and Aerosoft, Spad Next and tons of Windows 10 programs running on another screen taking care of business. Wish I could help more and prepared to try anything you can suggest to help. (I'm constantly well backed up)
  5. This problem does not exist if I set FlightBeam KDEN and FlightBeam KSFOHD sceneries to inactive in my addon.cfg:- [Package.1] PATH=H:\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FlightBeam KDEN ACTIVE=false REQUIRED=false [Package.2] PATH=H:\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FlightBeam KSFOHD ACTIVE=false REQUIRED=false I don't understand how this could cause conflict as there are no problems with any of my other aircraft (most of Carenado, Alabeo, FlySimware Learjet 35A, Aerosoft CRJ, PMDG 737 etc.)
  6. I have reinstalled completely to try and solve the following but the 717 is once again unusable for me despite looking great before the latest update. I now experience a CTD every time when using the tablet and clicking on Cold and Dark, Ready to Start or Ready to Fly. Clicking on Exterior, Crew, Documents or Status does not cause any such problem. If I don't click on the tablet as noted above which causes a CTD, I have this weird lighting effect where I see text from the panels scattered throughout the cockpit. There is no error report following the CTD.
  7. Seriously, Thanks so much for the new lights and textures guys. It's like having a brand new toy and just magic at midnight. the 717 is now finally a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations.
  8. kymh

    Strange Night Lighting issue

    Thanks for the reply and link Airline Tycoon. I will look at this tonight.
  9. kymh

    Strange Night Lighting issue

    Is there any news on this? It's really quite horrible on my 4K monitor.
  10. Without starting at the following airports (that are linked to the CTD), I get an immediate CTD when attempting to load the TFDi 717-200 starting at the default airport. No other aircraft listed above give me this problem. JustSim - EDDL Dusseldorf Airport - TDFi 717-200 CTD On Load FSDG - LGKJ Kastellorizo Airport - TDFi 717-200 CTD On Load Turbulent Designs - TD 2O3 Angwin Airport - TDFi 717-200 CTD On Load Turbulent Designs - TD L35 Big Bear Airport - TDFi 717-200 CTD On Load Latin VFR San Juan Airport - TDFi 717-200 CTD On Load The CTD only occurs when I have any one of these airports enabled and this is regardless of whether or not all other airports are disabled or if ChasePlane also is disabled. Hardware Rendering also has no bearing. Disabling the airports allows me to load the 717. "No error report is generated." The CTD is pretty much immediate when I click OK after selecting the 717. Out of all the above listed airports, I only had Latin VFR San Juan Airport installed in the first P3Dv4 Release (prior to the Prepar3D v4 Academic release) and there were no problems. Once Prepar3D v4 Academic release was installed, I got the CTD's with the 717 only if Latin VFR San Juan Airport was enabled. After spending forever disabling everything I found the conflict5 was with Latin VFR San Juan Airport. The other four airports were purchased very recently. Other recent purchases (airports) have not caused the 717 to CTD. REALLY Hoping you can help - I had to get my partner to hide my boot drive on the weekend to stop me from purchasing from PMDG (not that I hate people who want to charge me twice) :-) EDIT Just purchased the PMDG 737 (need one working airliner) and that is fine with all airports activated. mini Dump.rar
  11. kymh

    P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    As explained in a previous post in this topic I had a CTD every time I started the 717 since installing the update P3D v which I tracked down to a far distant scenery not the 717. Toady I decided to spend the day in some other, mainly small planes and have had about 8 CTD's never experienced with the initial P3Dv4 release. Are we all sure it's only with the 717 before we drive the team here nuts?
  12. kymh

    P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Rats - I'm getting an immediate CTD on attempting to load the 717 regardless of Hardware Rendering in P3D v It was lovely before the latest (P3Dv4) update. There's nothing in the Event Viewer log. On the upside, I haven't loaded P3Dv3 sin the release P3Dv4 and have to congratulate the team for their improvements to the FPS there. While my CTD only happened with the 717, after spending forever disabling add-on and scenery the problem came down to just one scenery a million miles from my airport:- Latin VFR - TJSJ - Puerto Rico San Juan International With that disabled, no more CTD for me so I'm happy to nuke that location :-).
  13. kymh

    Company Route Format

    Please Note that flight plans generated (for free) at SimBrief can now be exported for the TFDiDesign 717 (and they work). Great to see that they've acknowledged this fantastic model.
  14. Looks like everything is fixed. Thanks so much guys.
  15. I just installed the latest update In P3Dv4 I get no database errors. I still get the Scenery Read Error but now, it first happens when I click either "Ready to Fly" or "Ready To Start" after opening the tablet. This will happen regardless of whether or not I start with the 717 or another aircraft. Copying "" to the folder above still removes the error for me of course. Thanks for your hard work so far guys! Regards Kym H