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  1. Now that that issue was solved, I need re-activation. Third day now, no response. PMDG, Quality Wings Sim, Captain Sim, where are you when needed?!?! Stephen
  2. No one has responded to my support ticket. It has been almost a week. Fortunately I found how to resolve the issue myself via internet search. Richbonneau: Do the following steps... 1. Navigate to and delete %localappdata%\TFDi Design Addon Manager\Downloads\13\ 2. Make sure you have the latest download manger. 3. Run and re-install. Stephen
  3. I am soo damned frustrated. I cannot re-install my software. I sent in a support ticket 3 days ago, and no reply! Is there anyone out there that can possibly assist? Here is the error I get when trying to download and install my software. Regards, Stephen
  4. I would like someone to finally produce the 737 Max!