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  1. No one? So you all are able to hear NAV sounds and change the brightness of the PFD? Please tell me how to do this!
  2. Can anyone tell me how to turn on the NAV sounds?I am using the little panel on the left side of the pilot,but with a VOR or ILS tuned in the FMC,I am not getting any Morse idents. What am I doing wrong?Also,I there a way to dim or brighten the pilots instruments?
  3. I think I solved the issue:for some reason my appdata folder was hidden.I noticed in the log that PACX could not find the PACX folder in appdata.By unhiding the appdata file, things seem to be allright now.
  4. I solve the issue:I had put an incorrect routes location in the ProATC-X folder.Everything works fine now.
  5. Hi, I am using ProATC-X in conjunction with the 717.I notice that ProATC puts the flightplan in the 717 routes folder.Yet when I try to load it in the FMC,it says that it cannot find the flightplan. Anyone any ideas how to rectify this?
  6. Hi, I purchased PACX today and I am impressed.On my first flight,I got all the audio one would expect on a normal flight,but I have 1 problem: During the flight,I am unable to open the PACX main interface.I checked and the PACXBridge is installed in the simulator,I have a small green PACX applet on my taskbar,but clicking on either of those during flight does nothing.After the flight was finished I got no report. I am running P3Dv4.5 and am flying the TFDi 717.Concurrently with P3D,I was running Pro-ATC X,Active Sky and GSX and Trafic 360. I have ORBX global and vector installed I have a Windows 10 installation 64-bit,an Intel Core i7 CPU @3.5 Ghz 32.0 GB ram and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 680. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi, I now understand where I made a mistake:in ProATX-X one must specify the place where 717 flightplans are stored.(717 company routes);I had neglected to do this.It is working now. Thank you all for the advise.Mr Musotte,maybe this is the easier way,but if you create your flightplans yourself,I guess then I guess you will have to do it via simbrief.
  8. No,does not work,when I do that it says:not in database.
  9. Ok.Thank you for the reply.I will try once again and see how it works.
  10. Hi, I noticed that the TFDi 717 is now included in the ProATC-X airplane list.But usually,when this is the case,you can download the flightplan directly into the FMC by filing the routecode (e.g. VLVTVVNB).With the 717,this is not the case.Do any of you know how to do this,or is this an issue for ProATC-X forums?