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    Non VMS support

    It does but you would need to write your own frame.php interpretation
  2. Since there are no comments for blog posts I must say I'm a bit disappointed and think, if you pardon my boldness, that your logic is a bit backwards. Yes, some airlines want AFK check. If they want it so badly, why not have it as one of the options to enable it if they so desire and experience the implied negative consequences? It is the VAs who are your customers (or are they not?) and overwhelming majority people choose to fly for a VA, not for their prefered choice of ACARS. You taken path to protect VAs from 'bad decisions' is admirable, but that won't make them any happier. My wish to have AFK feature is not based on the intent to punish and control people, it's to ensure fairness. Instead of writing off AFK check as a no-go item, why not make it a proper configurable feature not only with the option to switch it on or off, but with configuration option where VA can choose how often a pilot should be pinged? What should happen if pilot does not respond? My personal wishlist for this feature is a bit extravagant and I'm certain will never be implemented in the way we would find it usable, but here it goes regardless: Option to turn on AFK check Option to select during what time AFK check is active (during the small hours of the night would be our preference - we have the issue of people earning hours and points by doing 9 hour flights at FL100 throughout the night) Option to define how long pilot has to respond to 'Are you active' question And most importantly - define what should happen if pilot fails to respond. In your obituary of AFK checks you seem to imply that horrible things are bound to happen (I assume you default to the option that flight recording will be stopped). We would like it to be simply noted in the text log and then we can take appropriate action on our end by reviewing the PIREP. If the pilot was not abusing the system and genuinely had to step away for 20 minutes when the 'check' was happening, we will be able to see it and accept pirep, but if the person was sleeping and failed 3 checks in a row, then we can fail the pirep or award only x number of hours. All is well with having pretty and easy to use smartCARS for pilots, but our practice has shown that people like fairness a lot more and we as a VA prefer being able to customize ACARS software we chose to better suit the needs of our virtual community. Rant over