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  1. e jets, I think it would be a great plane, but no one has done a proper ejet.. PLUS everyone would buy it. win win
  2. mach533x

    OK, I surrender. . .

    yeah, its a different thought process than other avionic packages.
  3. maybe its your computer? i have had no problems with it in months. even with true glass and the lighting
  4. mach533x

    Next Beta release ?

    oh man! i cant wait haha!!!
  5. mach533x

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    yeah i know, if i dont blurt it out then ill forget haha
  6. mach533x

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    also, why not get a new alaska livery too.
  7. mach533x


    yeah, I think the md11 would sell very well. Either way, ill purchase what ever you guys put in front of me hahaha
  8. First time in a few months flying this. WOW, new best aircraft with allt he updates and such. What a joy to fly! So excuse my rough flying with it haha still a decent video i think
  9. mach533x

    Paint kit. Where are you?

    is there a time frame for true glass?
  10. mach533x

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    I know allegiant air doesnt have the 717. but would be cool to get a allegiant livery
  11. mach533x

    Study level MD-90?

    decide? haha what if we the public demand it the 717 is great i think you guys should keep it up!
  12. mach533x

    TERRAIN radar on

    haha i was just going to ask this as i crashed into a hill side 30 minutes ago.. hah
  13. ok nevermind, i was looking into the main tfdi profile and noticed the texture packs were missing so i just added them and BAMCIS, it worked haha thanks guys! i am loving rocking the p3dv4 with the tfdi, works amazing.
  14. ok, so what exactly did you do? was there an update? lol i just looked all i get is house livery, which may i add is gorgeous.