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  1. KDSM -,Des Moines IA KMLI - Moline IL KCID - Cedar Rapids IA
  2. Yes, same here. I just prefer not to have anything installed there if I can help it.
  3. Don’t know why it didn’t work for me, so I’ll just leave it where it is.
  4. So I was finally get the voice recognition to work by uninstalling PACX from my E drive and installing it to the default installation location of C:\Program Files (x86)\TFDI Design So it appears that PACX can not be installed to a custom location, at least not for me. I personally do not prefer to install any programs to any Program Files location, but for now I'll be happy to as long as the voice recognition works. Thanks again for the great support. Patrick
  5. To answer the question, the path to my PACXBridge in my dll.xml was: E:\PACXBridge\PACXBridge_x64.dll I had to change it to: E:\TFDi Design\PACX\PACXBridge\PACXBridge_x64.dll in order for the the PACXBridge option to display in my Addons. Strangely, I'm having the same problem as the above user where I can not use my microphone to make announcements. If I press the microphone icon I get the list of announcements that are available. If I the click on, say, general announcements and then click OK the window then just disappears and the text that says "listening" never appears. Is there something that maybe I'm doing wrong?
  6. I figured out what the problem was. For some reason the path to my PACXBridge in my dll.xml was wrong. I corrected it and I now have the listing for PACX in my Addons menu. Thank you for the great support!
  7. I'm actually having a problem where the PACX menu is not listed in my Addons in P3D 4.5, which I assume would mean the PACX Bridge is not working correctly. I've tried reinstalling PACX a couple of times, but the problem persists. I have run the installer as administrator and excluded my PACX folder from any virus scans. Looking at the manual, it looks as if this problem would interfere with me using a microphone headset for vocal interaction. Any suggestons? I'm running Windows 10 Pro Thanks in advance for any help offered.
  8. Two announcements I have not heard, although I do not know whether they're incorporated or not, are "prepare for takeoff" and "prepare for landing". It would be nice if these announcements were included in a future release. If they are included, what are the requirements to trigger them?
  9. I had the same problem myself once. I found the solution here: