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  1. But do you have both simulators installed at the same time? It may be a conflict between simulators
  2. Good afternoon, In the customer area of your product, do you have a key created in the activation information?
  3. Good afternoon, Is the Addon manager installation in the simulator folder? If it is not, please try to install it again and place it in the simulator folder.
  4. Gabriel


    Good evening, Put the ILS and Course on the FMC-NAV / RAD and before reaching the localizer you need to press APPRLAND.
  5. I hope this video helps
  6. Thanks for the reply but I had a doubt. Are these folders installed automatically or do we have to install them ourselves? For example in the folder "Assets" we have texture interior 1K but in Addon Manager you can change the textures to 2K and 1K. Is this change automatic or do we need the download folders?
  7. Good evening, I don't know if this question has already been asked but I haven't found a topic on the forum. Can you tell what these folders are for?
  8. Good afternoon, I see that the problem that I have been having for 4 days already has more people. But getting response and help is time consuming. I have already opened tickets and I only have automatic responses. I received email just asking what my operating system is and no help. I already sent a message on facebook but I still have no answer. I'm getting disappointed.
  9. Hello, did you manage to solve the problem?