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  1. No, I´am talking about exporting the route in it´s correct layout.
  2. In the new PFPX-Version 2.0 there is still no support for the 717. Thats really annoying cause SimBrief is no convenient alternative for me. This is just for information to others and without any hope that TFDi will take any efforts to change this.
  3. GerdD

    P3dv4.4 Compatibility

    No problems at my end. Have impression it runs smother as before without peaks on cpu or gpu load anymore if switching views.
  4. If you are really interested in this, you could scan yourself through the forums to find people who are still waiting for qualified answers to their questions. The CTD problem exists since a year now and already this one year ago the answer was "we are checking with LM". Obviously nothing happend since then. Same with multiple GPU. Fuel consumption is still an issue as well etc. Instead of focusing on problems, a symbolic release date of 7/17 had to be reached. After this was done, no more activities on the 717. Current situation now is that we here in the forum are self-entertaining us, You pass by 2 times a month, appologising at lot, asking people with questions for more informations so that time goes by for collecting and preparing those. And still the standard-phrase "we are checking with LM". No status, no timeline, nothing helpful, no progress. Even for repaints it is not for sure after "checking with LM" that the texture structure does not change again anymore. Perhaps some of us are a little bit spoiled of the Open Beta Phase and that kind of working together with development in a way the community rarely experienced before. It is also understandable that this level cannot to be continued forever. But it can be expected that a product will be supported continuously and that a communication about it´s progress goes on. All this is currently not the case. Sometimes I have doubts that the former TFDi still exists.
  5. This is the wondrous change from best to worst support and a good example how a company destroys itself. I had PACX on my schedule but cancelled this now, due to this unacceptable ignoring behaviour. What a pity!
  6. GerdD

    Help us help you (TFDi)

    For the chronology of posts You´ll find a button "Sort by date".
  7. GerdD

    CTD immediately when selecting the B717 in P3D V4

    This is an interesting statement. I have a 980Ti and also no problems at all. Would be helpful to find out if it could be a driver issue or maybe card related.
  8. GerdD

    Virtual Cdu with tablet

    Have a look here:
  9. GerdD

    TWA 717-200 RELEASED!

    Thank you for this repaint. Hopefully TFDI does not change the texture layout again when they find a solution for the CTD problem. It´s suspiciously silent out there....
  10. GerdD

    P3D v4.3 .....717 V1.1 Crash To Desktop

    Obviously you don´t have it. It´s a camera system for FSX/P3D. Google is your friend! It´s already very much mentioned here in connection with CTD´s.
  11. GerdD

    P3D v4.3 .....717 V1.1 Crash To Desktop

    Sorry when I missed something... but do you have also Chaseplane installed?
  12. GerdD

    717 AutoRudder Issues

    Collin, the issue is still resetting the Autorudder check in P3D settings after flight with the 717. So how do you put it back if the flight ends up with a crash? Just to think about....
  13. GerdD

    FMS prof during landing

    Did You set flaps according to speed?
  14. GerdD

    717 AutoRudder Issues

    and what´s gonna happen if flight ends up with a crash?