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  1. The MS Access Database Engine has nothing to do with the 717 itself but only with it´s navigation database who is in a MS Access file format, what was an unfortunate decision. Your MSAccess, as part of MS-Office, is a 32bit Version. So You´d need this one.
  2. MS Access Database Engine has to fit to the MS Office Version. Should be 32bit in Your case.
  3. You could also check numbering in Aircraft.cfg. Should be like [fltsim.1] and not [fltsim.01] (no leading Zero)
  4. This database engine is language related. Make sure You have installed the english one as well as the one who fits with Your operating systems language. (if not the same) Maybe english is enough, but I am not sure.
  5. Assuming that you have installed MS Access, You could try to unassign the navigation datafile from this. - goto ?P3D?\SimObjects\Airplanes\TFDi_Design_717\Data - right click navigationdata.mdb file (backup first) - choose "Properties" - under "General" click "Change" - choose any other than MS Access, for example "WordPad" - "OK" and Restart, try again.
  6. GerdD

    717 P3D4

    Was just correcting one bug introduced with Version but cannot find former discussion here about this anymore. Nothing substantial.
  7. Best would be you open a ticket.
  8. GerdD

    717 P3D4

    It´s not in beta anymore since mid of last year. Please update to latest version ( via Addon Manager. Will run fine in P3D4.4. Unfortunately You´re right about lack of official communication here, but those answers could easily be found in the Forums.
  9. Thats good to hear. Could You retrace what solved the CTD finally You had half a year ago?
  10. Thank you for this repaint. Hopefully TFDI does not change the texture layout again when they find a solution for the CTD problem. It´s suspiciously silent out there....
  11. MD-11 would be consequent, Independent if it´s of the past or not. Loved this in FSX and missed it very much for P3D.