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  1. Best would be you open a ticket.
  2. Maybe, but meanwhile this is an endless discussion and we all know that TFDi is not able to get this fixed as long as they cannot find a fixable reason.
  3. You can never expect that any addon is fully compatible with any tool.
  4. Does your cursor change from arrow to finger if moved over the switches? If yes, are you using mouse wheel to turn?
  5. Could be worth a try using the conventional method changing views instead of camera tools.
  6. GerdD

    717 P3D4

    It´s not in beta anymore since mid of last year. Please update to latest version ( via Addon Manager. Will run fine in P3D4.4. Unfortunately You´re right about lack of official communication here, but those answers could easily be found in the Forums.
  7. Thats good to hear. Could You retrace what solved the CTD finally You had half a year ago?
  8. Totally understand and agree with your argumentations. But, as a matter of fact, TFDi obviously is not willing or able to fix this problem. So, to get the 717 running, we only can help ourself and can give solutions further to others. I also do not believe that all buyers are having the same problem as, regarding the downloaded numbers of repaints, there must be thousands of copies been sold and compared with the number of posters here there might be a big silent majority. It also does not help anybody that other aircraft are running fine. This plane does not, and if I want to fly it I have to find solutions within my system (hardware settings included). About the unacceptable behaviour of the developers everything has already been said. We only can keep it in mind.
  9. And instead of, people could try and communicate ways how it´s running well on their individual systems. Those kind of contributions would be much more helpful for those who have problems.
  10. For activation problems You have to wait untill tomorrow when TFDi team will be on duty again. Best would be You open up a ticket for this meanwhile. What was the former version You did the last update on?
  11. Do You have MsAccess installed? If so, check here if You find some kind of solution:
  12. about 6+. But before it crashed on anyone. (after 4.4 update) This might be different on other Systems, depending on it´s overall configurations.
  13. Had it again in 4.4 by changing views on return to VC. Disabling Transparent Surfaces (TrueGlass) in AddonManager made it for me.
  14. That´s the latest installed version update. Assume that this update has been caused by correction of this : Couldn´t also find any change log.
  15. If You are using the latest Version, this is now definitely the wrong place. Should be ´"Documents\TFDi Design\717\Company Routes" again. The Update renamed the old place in "--.before 1100" and created a completely empty new one.