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  1. Thanks, I tried to search a contact for Tomato Shade, but seems that Tomato is reachable only through other links (from reddit, for example). It has not a "house".
  2. Today, searching an aircraft with Dynamicreflactionmaker in Tomato Shade pack, Windows Defender has found and blocked trojan Win32/Zpevdo.A inside Dynamicreflactionmaker.exe. ??? Did you have some notice?
  3. Hi. I'm trying to search the routes of the Spanair 717 EC-KHX. But neither Airline Timetable Image site can help me? Any hint?
  4. Sergio D

    Nav Data Issue

    Same here. I had wrong NAVIGRAPH loaded into 717 FMC (1610). And SID and STAR and LOC HDG paths were wrong. It was driving me crazy before the discover. After the v1.1 update, it seems necessary to reinstall your NAVIGRAPHs because is a fresh install. Now is all ok.
  5. Even if I select UTC time in the P3D page Scenario, it doesn't change. (And remember that the A2A Cherokee show me the correct time. Why?)
  6. Hi. A strange request that I was sure to find already in the support forums, but I have not been able to find a trace (neither in the 717 Documentation). Here it's 18.07 (in Italy and at the airport relative to the screenshot that is... in Italy ) Why the 717 systems show me (always) a two-hours gap? (I thought was a P3D's bug, but the A2A Cherokee 180 show me the correct time)
  7. So, there's no way to revert anche error. Ok.
  8. @Milonas I replicate the "square hole" and I make a video. It appeared when I chose a specific STAR for the rwy 07 of LIBD. After, I closed P3D and reopen it. I try again but a different STAR for the same rwy. All went ok. The "insufficient fuel" warning doesn't contribute to the bug, because I replicate it even with full fuel load and, of course, without the warning on FMS.
  9. Hi. I entered a FROM/TO route and then changed idea, trying to load a CO ROUTE made with SimBrief Downloader. I can't insert a file name in the LSK1 (#2) because the FROM/TO is already fill (#1). And I can't delete the FROM/TO data, or I don't know if it's possible. Then? There's a way? Thanks.
  10. At the moment, I can't replicate the "square hole". The "bug" came off after a "Ready to Fly" tablet scenario. I reloaded the flight and the square was here, even if I pass from Cold and Dark state to Ready to Start or again to Ready to Fly; then I start a new flight and the square black hole vanished.
  11. After the correcting the .34 SIDs problem, the ND show me a strange black "square hole" for MAP and PLAN visualizations.
  12. Hi. I've started directly with Opt-In and P3Dv4.2 Even if i flagged the option in P3D panels, I don't have Cockpit Tooltips for the 717. Is a known issue? (I didn't find nothing searching in the forum.)