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  1. Hello,, Thx for your reply. But if I may, is Joshua still directly associated w/ TFDi?? Just wondering, as the last time he was on the forum was in July, and that would seem rather odd for a staff member.
  2. Hello, Hoping for some assistance on a situation/process I can't quite figure how to resolve. While in flight I have the a/c settled in, and flight is normal. Aircraft is in AutoFlight mode, with FMS Speed activated. For sake of discussion, let's say the a/c is at 290kts. Should I decide to increase my speed up to 300, I set a speed on 300 into the FCP speed window, and right click the dial. The a/c, as expected, now increases its speed up to 300. After flying for a bit at 300, and now back on a time schedule, I wish to revert back to FMS Speed control. When I hit the FMS Speed button, nothing happens. I've tried different methods. Just seems that once I launch the speed control -dial method, I have effectively killed FMS Speed. Am I missing something? Is this operating normally? What would be the best way to get back to FMS Speed mode? Thanks for your help, Mike
  3. Hello?? Joshua,, are you around?? Any thoughts on this issue?
  4. Hi Jim,, Thanks for the very helpful reply. It surely cleared things up for me, as for some reason, my perception was that it was ‘auto takeoff’. Once I’m airborne & in my climb, I’m clear on the Autoflight again in order to follow both LNAV & my vertical profile. thanks for the assistance.. much appreciated! Mike
  5. orbmis

    PFD Modes & Colors Info

    Hi guys,,, Thank You for the replies...they’ve been very helpful. Thanks for the assistance... much appreciated. Mike
  6. Hello, As I progress thru various aspects of my flights (still struggling), I've notices that the pitch, roll & throttle/speed modes will change colors... sometimes white, sometimes magenta, and I've seen screenshots of green. Could someone kindly point me to the manual/guide where this might be explained further. I'm guessing it is contained in one of the TFDi manuals, but I haven't been able to locate it. If this information is not contained in the manuals, could a kind person explain it? Thanks for your assistance. Mike
  7. Hi Mike,, Thanks for your reply,, very helpful. I tried again,, but rolled into the water once again. Maybe I'm misunderstanding a couple things. I've gone thru the process of setting up the FMS, and have noted what the EPR setting is from the FMS. It does agree (1.53) with what I see on the EAD <?> display. I've got flaps at 13. Now, when you say to spool up to 60-70%, how are you determining the level you are at?? (N1?) I've tried spooling up the engines, until the EAD shows they are at the 1.53 level. Then I hit AutoFlight. At this point, I'm already moving down the rway, and proceed to roll right into the water. This is all being done at Boston KBOS, so I'm confident I have enough rway length. My speed is way above the 142 that the V-speeds want, but it's like the yoke is never pulled back. "Captain,,, we're going into the water !!" Am I either missing a step, or not doing something that needs to be done?? Is there another place where I'm supposed to enter the EPR setting? I'm going under the premise that 'positive rate' should be attained automatically via ATS/EPR Thanks again for your help. Mike
  8. Hello, I've been having much difficulty getting the ATS & EPR to work properly, as witnessed by many of my flights simply running off the end of the runway, or jumping to a rocket style takeoff to avoid a crash. Could someone kindly explain the steps to properly enable this functionality? I've read conflicting messages and/or videos. Some suggest clicking AutoFlight first, then moving the throttle to a position about 50& power. Some say move the throttles first, then press autoflight, then move the throttles again fully forward. But I haven't been able to find the right method. My understanding is once the ATS & EPR take over, they will handle the takeoff procedure and climb out properly. Any help on this would be surely appreciated, as I'd love to fully understand this aspect. Thanks, Mike
  9. orbmis

    717 AutoRudder Issues

    Hi Collin, Any update on your findings on this issue? It managed to catch me again, as a new session of P3D started with AutoRudder turned off/ left off by TFDi 717. thanks, Mike
  10. orbmis

    717 AutoRudder Issues

    Hi Collin, While returning the in-sim autorudder setting to its previous state, may be your intent, I simply do not see that happening on my system.... =================== I begin by starting P3D, and make note of the autorudder =checked; I load TFDi 717, and fly for a bit. I close P3D. Reopen P3D , and make note of autorudder = unchecked. ===================== One thing I do notice is you use the words ‘unload the aircraft’. Are you referring to a particular method to exit the 717’s flight? Or, does closing P3D = unload the aircraft. i certainly appreciate the fine aircraft your group has developed, so this is presented more as a bug report, rather than a criticism. I do award TFDi for their solid customer support efforts. Mike
  11. orbmis

    717 AutoRudder Issues

    Hello, I've noticed some questionable results pertaining to the autorudder in the v1.1 717. Before loading the 717, I check the P3D in-sim autorudder, and it is checked. Upon loading the 717, the in-sim setting immediately goes unchecked. Upon checking the Tablet, I have enable autorudder checked/enabled. Going back & rechecking in-sim, it still indicates unchecked. Upon exiting P3D, and restarting , the in-sim autorudder is still unchecked. Strange,,, starting off, in-sim has AR enabled, the 717 tablet has it enabled, but yet it is not active. And then upon exiting, the in-sim setting is now unchecked. There was a previous thread about this issue, but it was closed without any resolution being provided. Is TFDi overriding something, and then neglecting to turn the autorudder back on? Just somewhat frustrating, as I never really seem to be certain if the AR is enabled or not. I don't recall this issue in v1.0 Opt-in Beta; so it seems like it was introduced in v1.1 Hope you can shed some light on this, and hopefully a resolution. Thanks, Mike
  12. Hello,, Did you have to do the re-install of the 717, or did it magically just start working again? Thx