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  1. Appreciate the progress update. All the best to the team 😎
  2. Hi Rogue Just want to clarify - I'm using the latest version of Activesky P3d (not "ActiveSky for P3Dv4" but Activesky P3D"). The wx radar doesn't work in the 717. I wasnt 'sure if you were aware, or thought it was a thing that only affects V5, but the TFDi 717 in V4 will definitely need an update too. Cheers Marc
  3. Hi Rogue I'm still on P3dV4, but upgraded to the new activesky P3d (with their new weather radar api). I don't plan on upgrading to P3dV5. Do you think your v5 beta will still run under V4 or will it break? I miss flying with weather radar! Cheers Marc
  4. marc0_uk

    Demo very needed

    Agree very much would love to give this a try with a look to buying. I bought FSCaptain on the same basis a few years ago.