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  1. Nice livery Thank you for your effort and time spent Keep on with the good work!
  2. Did you checked your flight simulator options for unlimited fuel? It should be unticked.
  3. Hi guys I have one small request. Can some do a livery of JAT Yugoslav Airlines that flew DC-9 but I beleive that the livery on 717 would look awesome too.This operator was to be a lounch customer of MD-11 but the war in the region had differen't plans.JAT is also the first operator of B737-300 in Europe,and the second airline that landed on Heathrow(EGLL) when it was opened.First Airline was of course BA followed by JATπŸ˜‹ Hopefully some of you guys can paint it If the he/she want's it,the livery can be fully in bare metal. Thank's in advance
  4. Thanks the livery is amazing.Hopefully we can expect the bare metal one from earlier.
  5. No I didn't.Everything was default regarding weight. I tried following but the speed just rockets back to 145 1)I've tried entering different approach speeds in vapp.Nothing. 2)I've tried putting a restriction of my own in fpl page.Plane overwrites my input.(Approach phase) 3)I've tried flap setting of 28.Nothing I have around 30pax and 500kg of cargo(VIP config. simulation),so approach speed schould be around the bond of a 120-125 Do i have to manually put the landing weight in? In that case were can I obtain that value? During my flying I didnt manipulate the weight manually. Still I love this plane and If the plane can't support fms prof it's ok.If it can that it's weird. As I discussed with turbofandude descent arrow is most important fix followed by autobrake. @Joshua Che.
  6. Agree but we need someone other to look at this problem.If its official that product dosent support fmc perf during during approach I wouldn't mind. Descent arrow followed by autobrake are more important as discussed with turbofandude Also I tried edditing the speed in app page of fmc as well as puting a restriction in fpl page still plane ignores it and does what it does. @PilotRockey
  7. Hello I have problem when I'm on a approach with a plane.First the fmc reducess speed to 130kts then it rocket's it up till 145; my approach speed according to FMC schould be 128 but with fmc perf enabled it wont decelerate to VAPP Same problem as in this topic:
  8. Sometimes the a/c will reduce speed to 130kts then accelerate to 145 kts for no apparent reason. Flaps are set to 40
  9. But for the sake of reallism they must be included and descent arrows which are essential. Don't know about way point fixing anybody can correct me.But descent arrow followed by autobake are top elements that need implementation.
  10. Yep it happens on v3.4 from time to time.Sim just freezes and shouts down automatically. This happens only when changing views from exterior to interior. @gamesyns
  11. The silver fleet sounds awesome. Bare metal to the win ha. I wish you success and time to paint Eastern livery.
  12. Guys,one more thing Please consider adding those arrows for descent in the next patch.Today I had controller vectoring me around and it's time consuming to calculate or imagine we will plane end in a rush our. Also improving perf logic might be the answer for descent winds.It's hard to programe something without real data from Boeing or there may be some other reason I don't know I'm not a programmer.If planes descents right on spot I don't care about forecast in FMC. Autobrakes are a polish but if you developers have time include them heh European airframes had them from Blue 1 over Volotea. Conclusions: I've would love to have all the features I listed in first topic so would you guys, but time is some strange resource, so I made conclusion in this topic what is most important. As I said previously maybe you will include all the items I listed who knows, only time will tell.This post only orient on most important items to such as descent arrow and Autobrakes. Just don't think am like that weird ex girlfriend who is bashing and chasing you around haha. I only want to help with the feedback and say what is most important to include in the future(Autobrakes and descent arrow) I wish you a great success on your Pax project and to have time to periodically update the little puppy(717). @gamesyns @turbofandude
  13. It's working with all versions of the Prepar3D with no problems.In version 1.1 change log it's clearly stated that official V4 support is available.
  14. No thank you @turbofandude @gamesyns and others I don't know.You are truly amazing. Can we in some future update expect those blue arrows for descent, they are essential for descent planning,you guys implemeted wx and trx radar and one small arrow shouldn't be that of a problem(so I beleive)😊 I know you can't promise any major update right now but we are always hoping for that.Maybe next year at this time all the items from my list will be included. Time will tell. πŸ˜‰ You know one small update at the time gives huge update at end😊