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  1. Are you trying to take off with a very high cross wind?
  2. Search the interwebs for "717 fctm". Wouldn't be surprised if you found a full package of Delta docs.
  3. Refining my observation of this from bouncing around to various airports looking at the way it inserts different procedures it seems almost as if the insertion of the primary aspect of the approach procedure includes everything that has to be a part of it independent of transitions, more or less, and then if there are multiple IAFs you are meant to pick one but it seems as if when you select the transition, such as the IAF that begins an ARC DME segment, it just overwrites the initially selected aspect of the procedure. If I watch the map while I insert these initially the FAF through to the missed approach will appear on the map then after inserting the transition it deletes that and I'm left with an incomplete procedure. I consider this as making more than 50% of all approach procedures unflyable in NAV mode given you can't add many types of necessary points manually and you certainly can't insert missed approach points after the arrival airport in the flight plan. Its a real shame too because the arcs are drawn so nicely.
  4. Well I figured it out. For some reason the instrument approach procedures when inserted into the flight plan do not insert more than 4 fixes and omit the rest after that. Inserting the full transition to the approach such as from the IAF seems to make it so even the FAF is often not included and the MAP is completely not present. Not inserting the transition means you get your MAP but have to manually insert the previous fixes. This poses serious issues if you're flying an RNAV procedure with something like a radius to fix turn on it, or need to quickly change procedures in the terminal environment.
  5. So having returned to this product after some time away I've noticed that the missed approach procedures are not populating the flight plan as I expected and seem to recall they used to do last year. Basically I select the STAR, transition, approach runway and procedure, then transition onto that if any, then the waypoints populate but the flight plan terminates at the airport at a point named for the runway. No procedures beyond this appear. Also I find that any time I insert an instrument procedure some of the way points don't appear, commonly the FAF is absent and has to be manually inserted. Am I doing something wrong or is this a new bug?
  6. Is there someone here who can clearly explain how to use these to setup controls using FSUIPC registered? I'm trying to get the Yoke AP Disco, the throttle ATS disco and the throttle go around buttons to be bound to my HOTAS.