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  1. Hello, I'm using active sky and asca.. Today it finally generated a event log. ntdll.dll..
  2. Hey guys, I was one of the costumers that never had any issues with FPS or CTDs.. Unfortunetly since this last update my plane is crashing in all flights.. It's odd that P3D 4.2 simply crashes and no event log are even registered, so I don't have a clue of what is causing it. The only thing I've notice is that most of the time it happens the first load of the plane.. When the P3D crashes and I try again, it seems to work fine.. Mostly.. Sometimes It crashes when switching views, sometimes on taxi, sometimes airborne.
  3. Not the disable option, use the hide window option..
  4. Just go in add-ons menu and disable spotlight icon.
  5. Hey guys, you are almost done with the 717 and so far great things has been accomplished. But the plane still can't fly a lot of procedures. Today I've tried to arrive at LEAS. ILS Z transition LASIT. It's an DME ARC. Also SAEZ ILS Y... And the list goes on.. Always that broken "itercept" thing on FMC (when I remove all the intercepts stuff the procedure gets really better, but still wrong) and always the wrong representation of the procedure on ND. Lately I just do the procedures manually, but when you let the plane do it, it's really a mess. Plane turn to wrong direction, get lost... There is a lot of reports about this issues on Bugs and suggestions session. Please fix it!
  6. Finally got some time to do a flight with this update. I must say that the descent phase is MUCH better now. Speed brakes are still too effective, keeps getting descent rates of 5800-6000 ft/min and the engines still kicks in before reaching the target speed. Engines starts seems to be ok now. Only that kwnown odd behavior of TGT rising with no FF (FS limitation). I also think that taxi friction is exessive. 44% n1 to keep the plane moving is too much. Another area that needs some fine tunning is the NAV tracking of the plane. Sometimes it get lost on some procedures, and sometimes it "shakes" (laft to right) the yokes when passing some waypoints or just before a turn. But overall we are getting there.. No CTDs problems here.
  7. With all due respect Sir, It's really hard to find a procedure that this plane can do 100% right. In the bug reports section you can see a lot of them. I just can see the use to keep reporting every single one. You guys fix one by one? if that is the case, I'll start to put as many datail as I can. I'm sorry if I'm not being helpfull. I prefer to fly a impefect plane than don't fly it at all. You guys have made huge progress since release (I've bought on day one, and I don't regreat) but sometimes looks like you guys just don't fly the aircraft. Nevertheless, I'll keep supporting you guys. Thank you for your hard work!
  8. I've notice that my N1 keeps rising even when the throtles are at iddle position. That happens when I open the speedbrakes and desengage the AT. I recicle the throtles (F1 or move my joystick throtle foward and back quickly) the N1 drops to ~40%. So I close the speedbrakes and when I re-engage the AT the throtle keeps in the iddle positions but the N1 start to rise util around ~55%.
  9. Hello, 3 flights completed. So, here is my feedback The pressuization bug shows up for me too. Just for a momment, but is there. The descent phase is now realy painfull, my plane keeps overspeeding and if I use the parachutes speedbrakes I need to shut off the AT as it start to acellerate like crazy even 50kts above the desired speed. And as it is very effective, I have to keep opening and closing the speedbrakes all the descent. Now, thats a pretty old bug, but in this buld it seems even worse. The plane just can't follow most (or all) of the procedures (SIDs, STARS...) When you see the word "intercept" on the FMS, you have to delete ALL of them. Otherwise the plane starts to turn like crazy. And even deleting that entries, the plane turns to the wrong side. Please, don't ask on what procedure I've seen this. All of them seems to be wrong. Its realy easy to find one.
  10. Having the same issue with the latest version Happened just after I saved the flight on P3D V4.. I've shuted down the engines in flight, tried to restart, it doesn't work.. So I've landed on the closest airport. On the ground I've managed to restart the engines.
  11. Having the same issue with my 717 usually on take-off or descend phases. Kernell.dll crash. My other planes seems to run ok.
  12. etops

    T/D Error (2)

    Still having this issue on V 490 NM to destination and the plane enter in descend mode..
  13. Lights looks Ok to me at this stage. Better than that darker one..
  14. Fantastic post, If I may add. 1- The 717 intercepts the gs before intercept the diamond. The result is that I was level in 4000ft and my 717 start to climb at about 300ft/min to intercept the GS dot. But when the diamond start to descent, my aircraft also start to descent. So, I shoot all the approach about one dot below gs all way down till I disengage AF. 2- I strong suggest to put an "air limiter" in speed brakes to make them stop in FLT dentent. The way it's model right now, isn't very nice for keyboard users. If I click to open the speed brakes, it will deploy all the way to maximum, It passes the flight detent generating a huge amount of drag and my ATS will spool uo to compensate that. So I have to use the mouse every time I want drag. 3- Sometimes the plane loose some way point and it make a slow 180º turn to go back and intercept it.. Out of nowhere you see the plane flying like 90º away from route! Have to hit reading or command a direct to in fms. And, if the other way point is close, plane will get lost again. And I don't mean really close.. Sometimes it can't adjust on route within miles! 4- The VAS footprint is too high. I'm landing always with about 190 mb left. Sometimes less that that, and sometimes I take of with that "bling" sound of out of memory approaching. Still haven't a OOM though. 5- Still having trouble with engines spool up too abruptly on taxi. It was supposed to been "fixed" in the past two updates.. And that leave me at 6. 6- Take your time guys! Please don't rush. The damage is already there. It's pointless release updates to fix nothing.. I've no regret on buying this product. I truly believe that it will get there. In fact, I do prefer flying it right now with this bugs than see screenshots or videos of the beta testers doing it. But, as you already know, most of the costumers don't. So let's make solid updates.
  15. Yes, this is how most of products come now. I like that too.