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  1. My guess is that Mahesh means the middle undercarriage section between the mains. If I remember correctly, it can be set to remain undeployed… A
  2. I have missed the MD-11 since I switched over to P3D V4 years ago after holding out on FSX for so long... I am glad that this true Lady of the Sky is receiving the TLC she deserves I look forward to seeing her in all her glory in P3D soon. I cannot talk for MSFS, as I have not made that jump yet. Just too many nice addons in P3D and XP that I enjoy... including the 717. The 717 is the perfect preparation for the MD-11! A
    This is excellent! Thank you to the uploader for this. It is so rewarding to see the real-world procedural information. I am getting into the B717 more these days, as I finally have a system that can cope with it all and still run fluidly. Having these manuals just makes it that bit more fun to use…
    Seeing the "what no colours" review just made me laugh... All the UN planes I have ever seen are uniformly white...
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