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  1. Do you have landing flaps config set, what do you mean way to high? If so I don't see what is the problem because the FMS will set the correct speed for the landing(In fact for all phases of flight, this is not a Boeing😄). I never use the speed select on the auto-throttle panel on this plane and on the MD11(PMDG)but if, for example, if control ask you a specific speed you can select it on the glareshield!
  2. For me this is only the payload, fuel load transmission is ok! Regards Pat
  3. Hi guys! I noticed this in my last flight few minutes ago! Cheers Pat
  4. I'm a former flight engineer( C160 Transall, DC8-55, 72CF and DC10-30). I started a lot of engines in my career, I never saw EGT or TGT indication before fuel flow indication or if this happens you have a fuel flow indication failure! I never started engine equiped with Fadec but my two cents it's the same logic and sequence. Cheers Pat
  5. Hello! I know it's definetely too late before V1.1, but could you please correct the start sequence. Fuel flow indication is around 30% N2(maybe a little bit more) and way after TGT indication which is not correct in the sequence(I guess it's an old P3D/FSX error), and also I noticed a N2 hung around 28% for few seconds. I also agree with this remark in this topic Thank you for your hard work for this beautiful plane Best regards Pat Mussotte
  6. Ok gamesyns, I installed TeamViewer😉
  7. Hi gamesyns! Real noob on board here😄! Can you be more specific please, is it related to nVidia profile inspector settings?
  8. Hi guys! I have exactly the same problem with my P3DV4.1 install as described by ericc and Pack64. I followed the advices given in this thread but all I get is now a CTD. As said I have P3DV4.1, my graphic card is a GTX980M. There is no problem with P3DV3.4. Regards Pat Mussotte
  9. Thank you very much PhugoidEffect for your comment. Cheers Pat
  10. Hello friends of TFDi! First of all, thank you so much for this beautiful plane. I'm a former flight engineer, I flew DC8(55 - 72CF) and DC10(30 and 30ER). In my airline, FE started the engines everytimes the plane was parked at the gate, I mean almost everytime. I notice that with your plane, there is no fuel flow when we open the HP valve(whatever is name is, sorry)fuel flow indication happens after lightoff so very late. In real life when this happens, there is a failure somewhere. I'm pretty sure this due to the coding in "FSX- P3D". Could be nice if you could correct it to increase immersion. Best regards Pat
  11. Thank you for your answer Sandman. I love this baby Cheers and merry Christmas to everybody Pat
  12. Hi TFDi! First thank you so much for this beauty! I noticed that I can't set the wheelchocks(and also the cones)with the tablet! I checked on my FSX-SE install and my P3D too. All the other functions work fine. Is it a bug or these functions are not yet implemented? Best regards Pat