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  1. The TFDi 717 doesn't come with a 2d panel if that's what you're asking.
  2. Was there any specific action you executed to have this happen? The way the 717 taxi's is with a yaw sort of action not needing the tiller to specifically activate. Can the aircraft taxi correctly, or is it only in a straight line? Also, I've heard of some problems with GSX after push backs of keeping the nose wheel straight and unable to turn.
  3. Hey! I was curious if there will be an option to add a texture to make the eyebrows to disappear if you knew of any. Not at all demanding nor asking for it but was just curious if you thought of doing it. Thanks! Brian
  4. Hey Guys! Number 1: OMG The update is amazing!!! I love all the additions and am very satisfied. However I do have a big paint request for 1.1 This beauty's tail number is N488HA. Now first of all, I'm very in love with this plane. Funnily enough, I flew on the exact plane and tail number a few weeks ago. I love this plane so much I even bought a $50 model of the same tail number Here are the pics I took: Pic 1: My picture Gate 11 in PHOG Pic 2: Picture of my Model It would be fantastic if someone could do this livery on the 717. More Pics are available online especially because I believe this was the first 717 to get the new Hawaiian paint. Thanks and Happy Landings! Brian