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  1. Beautiful, I must finish mine livery for the XA, and what is the police used for "Bringing people together" ?
  2. Hello, it's possible to have this livery one day ?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    My firts version of the N717XA, NOT FINISHED, but I really want to release this livery on the 717 twentieth birthday. Good fly and Fly DC Jet's
  4. N717XA in progress, I'm makking the tail and some bug to fix and I expect release today without BMW/airlines logo
  5. No, Volotea had only one airplane with ABS
  6. Yes because a lot of people want a fictional livery, but we don't have some real livery like boeing, bangkok airways .....
  7. Can anyone do a Boeing livery because next sunday, it's the 20 anniversary of the 717 and I want to make a flight beetween Long Beach and Yuma ? Thanks you.