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  1. Thanks you it's awesome, I tried to put the MD-95 on the fuselage but I don't have the psd file so if you can add this on section 2 I will be the hapiest man ever
  2. You treat me !!!!!!!!!!!!! In the line for FlyTheMaddog
  3. With this font "MD-95" or this one
  4. It's possible to have instead the BOEING 717 on the engine the MD-95 with MDC logo like the super 80 ?
  5. Hello all, I think that it would be cool to see a cockpit customization with engine parameter, cabin camera or emergency device (on the 717 we can't customize the cockpit like autobrake, stair) And I hope to see a GSX Level 2 compatibility like the maddog with a good ACARS system. For a distant future, a paintkit with bare metal. https://web.archive.org/web/19970707004431/http://www.mdc.com/version2/commercial/md11spec.htm MDC website in the 90's for the spec Have a nice day, Fly DC Jet's
  6. kylian

    B717 Wishlist

    I hope that they will developed the ABS, it's one of the 717 system, I will make my salty man but look Fly The Maddog, they release at least one update every month. The 717 did not receive "major" u pdate since one year. I have my ctd problem since one year and I can't fly it. I hope they will speed up the pace. I have lost the image of the autobrake but I find this screen of JustPlane saying goodbye to BlueOne
  7. kylian

    B717 Wishlist

    Hi, good luck I have will request a lot of things xD -Firts I would like to see the ABS (Auto Brake system) in the 717, some plane got it. https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/aeronautics-and-astronautics/16-885j-aircraft-systems-engineering-fall-2004/lecture-notes/aircraft_sys_des.pdf Page 15 and 16 - The little box on the engine panel, also an option -Airstairt -Chrome paint kit -EFB can read PDF -Like the PMDG MD11, in the INIT page, right click on the ZFWCG, TOCG, GW, ZFW to automatically got the unit in the box and left click to enter it (we can't insert the ZFWCG because we don't have him) -Extra tank I hope to see this in the futur, keep working and thank you for this plane.
  8. Awesome livery thanks you, it would be very cool that you make two version; this one with 717 and Boeing and an other version with McDonnell Douglas and MD95
  9. kylian

    NAV sounds

    Hi, I thing that the 717 don't have any sound for the VOR and ILS.
  10. kylian

    B717 Wishlist

    Hi, it's is possible to get (like the Fly The Maddog) a paint kit for the polishing MD-95 ? Hi
  11. kylian


    You have right. I want to say something more. I noticed this one year later, my P3D always crash with the 717 when I switch the view so I haven't fly my favorite play since 1 years. TFDI don't find the problem SINCE ONE YEAR. Thank you TFDI...... and the issue for TFDI is "don't switch view or open an other windows for external view" .
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