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  1. Dean33

    Clearing flight plan

    I have forgotten how to clear the existing flight plan when the flight is in progress - or may be to amend the destination airport for a diversion?
  2. Dean33

    Flight plan deleting.

    On the ground Colin. Cheers Dean
  3. Dean33

    Flightplan deleted after SID selection

    I posted a similar report in December and now three others have added the same findings. Can someone at TFDI please comment?
  4. I had problem several times earlier this week. Good import of flight plan from SIMBRIEF. EGPH to EGBB. Added SID TLA6C no problem. Added STAR C4C. All of plan deleted before STAR. Dean
  5. Dean33

    Changing flight plan and arrival runway.

    The 717 has become my favourite tubeliner since P3d V4 came out. My system just wouldn't fly it in P3 V3. so I had to wait 5 months! The systems and MCDU are brilliant and as yet I havent been tempted to even try my 747 QOTS 2 (or 777) yet in P3D V4! This is surely a testament to this great little plane - which also has so many reminders of the great (now extinct) MD11. I have two comments or queries. 1) I find the glidepath descent tracking somewhat erratic - with pitching up and down a little. Do others find this and is there any planned improvement in this area? 2) I can't see how to enter a holding pattern on lateral revisions. Is this something missing from the current MCDU and will it be coming? .. and thanks to Colin for his great support! Dean UK P3d V4 Simmer Pilotedge I11 and CAT11
  6. Dean33

    Changing flight plan and arrival runway.

    Thanks. I've spent some time and have (I hope) mastered this brilliant MCDU. Cheers Dean
  7. I've flown the 717 for the first time today - in P3D v4. Understand removing discos but I struggled with amending landing runway and amending flight plan. I was on Pilotedge- so it mattered- maybe a little adventurous for first day! Flight plan seemed full of alternatives and spurious waypoints by the time I'd finished with it. And FMC would not let me revisit STAR to amend runway. Is there a way an easy way to wipe the remainder of the plan and start again? Cheers