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  1. Looking good already! Any chance for a cheeky Delta in the meantime?
  2. So has anyone tested the 717 in 4.5 and seen if the CTD isue is still there? Don't have P3D installed on my end at the moment.
  3. Know some people who spoke with one of the devs.
  4. I guess at this point our only hope is that P3D v4.5 fixes it. If not then that's gonna be it since the developer seems to care more about their meme Pacx stuff that no one cares about, rather than the 717. On a sidenote, pretty much everyone at Tfdi except the CEO and some other dude left the team.
  5. Once on FMS speed you can push in the speed knob and preselect a speed. Haven't got P3D installed right now so can't cross-check but I think the FMS speed not working properly on approach was fixed in the last update. Anyway the GA procedure is as follows:
  6. Agreed, an elaborate statement on Tfdi's part is long overdue.
  7. Hope this gets fixed at some point.
  8. Not as far as I'm aware of. However programs like Active Sky simulate icing by adding weight to the aircraft.
  9. Great stuff! Was waiting a long time for something like this! Any chance of a Delta bird from you as well?
  10. Seems to be fixed in the latest update anyway.
  11. Had this issue again - what fixed it was hitting the "ready to fly" panel state in the EFB and reconfiguring the plane real quick. I know this is just a workaround but thought I'd let people know.
  12. Will you guys maybe add a complete internal shadow model to the 717? Because currently if you sit in the VC, the wings and body of the aircraft are non-existant and thus don't cast a shadow, so at certain angles you just see the model of the VC casting a shadow and not the entire aircraft. Would be cool if this P3D specific feature could be added in the future as it really adds to the immersion.
  13. For example, if you are flying from say KBOS to KMSP you type in KBOSKMSP01 into the scrath pad and insert it into the COROUTE field on the Init page. Don't put in any origin or destination before that though.
  14. To be honest the lack of statement from Tfdi and vaugue promises regarding the view-change CTD is worrisome. In my opinion, having read all the real world 717 manuals, the Tfdi 717 is a really great simulation of said plane, all the major systems behave as they should, the engine start sequence was fixed in the latest update as well, it looks better than anything else on the market right now, animations are great, sounds are excellent and the flight model is believable - even though it's the default P3D/FSX one. The LNAV and PROF is also some of the best I've seen in flightsim so far, it tracks the pre-programmed routes and procedures beautifully and never got me in any trouble so far. The only thing that is a pretty big bummer are said CTD's. I have kind of accepted the fact that it is a VC only aircraft and flew it that way for a while, until I got a CTD in cruise when I minimized P3D to do something else (something I do without any problems with other addons). I also found that using the addon manager to set payloads etc. is amplifying my chances of getting a CTD for some reason. Without it I've often been able to switch views without any problems. With that being said, dear Tfdi team, if you can get this plane stable and solve all these CTD issues everyone keeps having then you'll have one of the best, if not the best, regional jet on the market right now. Solving said CTD should be a number one priority.
  15. Seems to be working. However, I had a CTD when trying to minimize P3D (which I usually do on longer flights in cruise).