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  1. Yeah, thanks. Figured that one out.
  2. My flightplan waypoints seem to show up weird on the ND after the latest fresh install. Any idea how to fix this?
  3. Ah cool! Did not know that. That is actually pretty handy.
  4. Just reinstalled P3D and the 717. Now, is there a way to bind the yellow AP disconnect button on the yoke? Currently binding the default P3D AP disconnect (default key "z" ) presses the AUTOFLIGHT button on the FGCP. Never noticed that before tbh.
  5. Thanks! Will somewat more active development commence once you guys implement the integration with PMDG's GFO?
  6. Will we ever see a PD3 standard inetrnal shadow model that casts a shadow of the outside of the aircraft onto the ground and not just the virtual cockpit box? It is kind of a P3D requirement to have a low poly shadow model in the VC of the exteriour. Would add to the immersion greatly.
  7. Disable Tomatoshade. (revert to default shaders).
  8. Turn off FXAA if it' enabled. Texture filtering to 16x.
  9. I had mine on a button on my throttle which progressively pulled back the reverse levers. So it does work wquite well.
  10. Looking good already! Any chance for a cheeky Delta in the meantime?
  11. So has anyone tested the 717 in 4.5 and seen if the CTD isue is still there? Don't have P3D installed on my end at the moment.
  12. Great stuff! Was waiting a long time for something like this! Any chance of a Delta bird from you as well?
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Real world checklist of one of the major 717 operators, perfect for the use in a shared cockpit environment.
  14. I'd like to request someone to paint EC-MGS, a Volotea bird that has the name "Volotissima" and also has he eyebrow windows, unlike EI-FCU, which Tfdi painted that doesn't have the eyebows. Would be cool to see that particular reg. done well.