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  1. bravomike

    Issues with AIRAC 1813 rev1

    Yeah, I reverted back to 1812. The latest one is botched up.
  2. bravomike

    Possible cause for CTD in P3Dv4.4

    So I did some testing and troubleshooting and discovered the following anomaly: Whenever I start P3D with the Tfdi addon manager running in the background or when I start it after having loaded up P3D with the 717 I usually experience the said CTD's when switching views. Before that I simply did some testing by just loading up the 717 at any airport and switching views like crazy (via chaseplane). All was fine until I started my next A to B flight - CTD, again. Today I figured, why not try and load the 717 via the internal P3D load manager? It's a pain but also doable if one can fogure out the logic and weight distribution. And rest assured, no CTD's while switching views so far. And much smoother FPS too! So I suspest that there is something up with the Tfdi addon manager that might be causing this. Can anyone who has been getting CTD's try and set up a flight without ever running the addon manager and report back if this alleviatessaid crashes for him as well?
  3. bravomike

    T/D wrongly calculated/inserted

    Interesting. Guess it's a botched AIRAC then.
  4. bravomike

    T/D wrongly calculated/inserted

    Had a really weird bug yesterday when flying into KMSP. After inserting the MUSCL3 arrival, via IDIOM for an ILS 12R approach, the FMS created a T/D that was like between my runway and the final FIX of the ILS approach. Said T/D was 1000+nm away as well and could not be removed/shifted. Running v1.1 of the 717 in P3Dv4.4 and AIRAC 1813. Also, once passing the FAF my route just disappeared completely.
  5. bravomike

    CTD also with P3D 4.4

    Can confirm, had the same CTD on view switch in 4.4 now. Re-installed the 717 from scrtch as well just to be sure. Such a shame...
  6. bravomike

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    I'd like to request someone to paint EC-MGS, a Volotea bird that has the name "Volotissima" and also has he eyebrow windows, unlike EI-FCU, which Tfdi painted that doesn't have the eyebows. Would be cool to see that particular reg. done well.
  7. bravomike

    Cockpit Eyebrows

    I agree, having a no-eyebrow option would be nice indeed. It really only requires some tweaks to the model and textures, so you can change them on the fly like is the case in PMDG's 737.
  8. bravomike

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    Would really love to see an EC- registered Volotea 717 that has the eyebrow windows in real life. Only the EC registred ones have them.
  9. bravomike

    A few questions.

    Dear Tfdi team, I'm really enjoying the mad puppy so far, such a great airplane and a remarkable addon for such a small team. Even puts most the PMDG stuff to shame. I have made a few observations during my flights and would like an answer as I haven't found anything using the search function. 1) The FIX page in the MCDU - is it correct that you can't enter any radials/distances for fixes? Because I tried just about anything there is. Ony the standard fix itself can be inserted. 2) Descend speeds. I noticed that the PROF ECON descent speed is rather low (around 248 kts) - I have read through some delta manuals and they state a normal initial descent speed should be around 300kts. Is there a way to manually enter this in the MCDU PERF page? 3) I noticed that the fuel flow only turns positive AFTER TGT rise. Is this going to be fixed? (Not really a huge deal but a bit immersion breaking). Lastly, are you guys going to include a model without eyebrow windows at some point?
  10. bravomike

    P3D v4.3 .....717 V1.1 Crash To Desktop

    Had the same issue as well. Opening a new view of the VC and minimizing it seems to solve the issue. Not a big deal but hope it gets fixed.