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  1. I love the B717 but disappointed at the fairly limited selection of repaints available, A fictional Air Canada or Westjet livery would be fantastic along with a fictional Asian carrier would be high on my wish list. An Alaska Airlines would be also a great option in my opinion. I simply don’t have the skills to repaint unfortunately.
  2. Thanks got it sorted, cheers
  3. Gone to inspector and gone to 4x MSAA for no difference, please help?
  4. Brand new to the aircraft, purchased yesterday and same issue. posted to support but no reply yet.
  5. Hi Everyone Brand new to the aircraft. Have looked at the tutorials etc on youtube and will get more deep on systems etc as I go. On loading the aircraft I turn on the batteries and the emergency bats and go to the ipad app. On going to exterior section i have no description and seem to have no way of selection the icon that should be ground prower. I have no text at all describing anything there. I tried to start the apu by selecting aft fuel pumps and switching the apu to start but nothing is happening. Can someone give me some pointers or ideas what i am doing wrong? Cheers Tim