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  1. Lairyliam

    Post your best 717 Screenshots here

    One I grabbed before my flight crashed!
  2. Lairyliam

    FlyManx Videos

  3. Lairyliam

    FlyManx Videos

  4. Lairyliam

    FlyManx Videos

  5. Lairyliam

    FlyManx Videos

    Hi I am a Noob(You)Tuber, But have made some videos, Here is a link to a couple of Videos I have made. As always with YouTube Videos, please feel free to like subscribe and comment, - tho I should hasten to add, my procedures, are not always "by the book!!" LOL! Liam Reynolds FlyManx Videos (Link to channel)
  6. Thanks Very Much. Ill post a link to my channel in the main thread. Liam Reynolds
  7. I Hope you don't mind, but I downloaded this for a video I am making tomorrow. I will share this forum post to my description so to credit you with the great repaint that you have made. Liam (FlyManxVideos)
  8. I7 6700K 4.0 (not OC) GTX970 32GB RAM 30-60FPS, P3D W10, ASN, REX, REX SC, ORBX Global, EFB PFPX and ACARS Liam Reynolds
  9. Lairyliam

    crashed becuase...

    I switched views way to fast too many times, just thought id mention, in case there is anything in it. Liam
  10. Lairyliam

    FMC on go around

    Thanks Ben.
  11. Lairyliam

    Undecided on the717

    I love it. I don't care that its not "perfect" it's a flight simulation not a Multimillion dollar jet. so it has its flaws, a brief view of these forums/facebooks show that the DEV's have a plan and how they expect to move the thing forward, the only way is up. The YouTube Video I watched talked about be beta being very short, because the Alpha was done in such a way, that they didn't need to spend PMDG amounts of time in BETA. Loosing your toys over it not being what you expected isn't going to get anyone anywhere, these guys have put hours and hours into this and were determind to release in 2016, This is their first product, and chastising them over things that we come to expect from a publishing house of 15+ years experience is unfair and unjust. Sad to say, if you want a complex aircraft and enjoy using high quality scenery and a bunch of other addons your going to be plagued by OOM/VAS issues. You cant have your cake and eat it in a 32bit P3D environment. I gave up traffic Land class so that I can fly my planes. you only have so many units of VAS, how you spend them is up to you. Liam Reynolds
  12. Lairyliam

    TFDi Design 717: Everything you Should Know

    103 pages!!!!!! one question, well, two. Whats my my max altitude. Whats my my max range regards Liam Reynolds
  13. Lairyliam

    FMC on go around

    One last one before bed... FMC, Once I missed approached, and faffed getting the engines back up to go around (stall protection helps!!) I tried to re program the FMC, But I coudnt get the STAR back into the FMC. I tried to clear the LEGS and start again, but removing the last point on the FMC caused a crash. So how do I get a STAR back in AFTER a Missed approach. Regards Liam Reynolds
  14. Lairyliam


    Wait. Just figured it out. Shift R is the one that I need to take the ATS offline. iv mapped that to the button to. - see if it works co currently with another plane with it mapped. Just need to figure how to get toga mapped now. (CTRL-SHFT +G) - IF there is such a thing for take off??
  15. Lairyliam


    Hi, Just got lost on approach, and couldn't disconnect the autothrottle. I have CTRL + SHIFT and R mapped to a CH yoke via FSUIPC, and this is the command in the sim for disconnection but cant figure it out. any ideas?? Thanks Liam Reynolds