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  1. Just a report: (using v. 5 HF1, i5-6600k, Nvidea GTX 1070, windows 10) Removing the TrueGlass.dll and the RealLIght.dll from the gauges file, I was finally able to avoid a VRAM issue. GPU # on the field 6.1/6.8 and dropped to 5.7/6.8 in the air. I did reduce world radius and water values, which helped a little bit. Everything worked fine with the aircraft as far as I could tell. I flew in clear weather. I normally fly with AS (beta), but I'm thinking that would be asking too much at this point.
  2. MTN1794

    beta p3dv5

    I figured it out. I had to reset my license again. I thought I had done that, but apparently not. It downloaded fine after that.
  3. MTN1794

    beta p3dv5

    I'm still getting that same problem at noon today (5/13). It didn't matter if I ran it as administrator or not. I also had turned off the virus protection before downloading and attempting to install it.
  4. If you need another tester for the beta P3D v5 I'll volunteer.